Honda Released CBR250RR Race Base Model with Improved Performance and Enhanced Features

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*The image is a public road specification motorcycle. It is different from the race complete specification.

Honda Racing (HRC) has released the CBR250RR Race Base Mode with improved performance and enhanced features, and it was already available at HRC service stores in Japan in October last year.

The base model, the road-spec CBR250RR, has been upgraded with increased power output and an assist slipper clutch as standard equipment. In addition, the HRC race base model is equipped with a race wiring harness, race ECU, and quick-shifter as standard equipment, removing safety parts that are not necessary for racing, to make it even faster and more comfortable to ride in the race scene.

In addition, the HRC Service Shop will incorporate the necessary parts (cowl, silencer, steps, etc.) developed by HRC to be used for racing, and release the motorcycle as a complete race model. Sales timing, specifications, and prices vary at each service shop.

CBR250RR Race Base Model

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