Super Cub 50/110 “Weathering with You” Version Available for a Limited Time for Orders

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Honda announced that the Super Cub 50 "Weathering with You" ver. and Super Cub 110 "Weathering with You" ver., which reproduce the livery of the Super Cub that appears in the animated film "Weathering with You" directed by Makoto Shinkai and released in July 2019, has been sold at HondaGO BIKE RENTAL member stores*1 in Japan from July 23, 2020 (Thursday) for a limited order period*2.

The color of the Super Cub 50 "Weathering with You" ver. and Super Cub 110 "Weathering with You" ver. is "Summer Pink," a faithful reproduction of the coloring in the movie, under the supervision of the "Weathering with You" production committee. The brown seats and other special features make it a special motorcycle. A special sticker*3 for the "Weathering with You" ver. is placed on the upper inside of the leg shields to create a more special atmosphere.

▲"Weathering with You" ver .Exclusive sticker

The movie "Weathering with You" was the No. 1 blockbuster hit of 2019, with more than 10 million viewers and 14 billion yen in box office revenue*4. The pink Super Cub in which Natsumi, a spirited character, carries the main character, Hodaka Morishima, around the city appears in the film. A special exhibition vehicle reproduced in the motif of this Super Cub appeared in the photo spot of the "Weathering with You" exhibition that started in Tokyo in September of the same year, and became a hot topic.

Honda has prepared the Super Cub 110 "Weathering with You" ver. with specifications similar to those of the motorcycle for this special exhibition as a rental vehicle for the HondaGO BIKE RENTAL*5 service that was launched in April 2020, and the popularity of the motorcycle, especially among the young generation, has led to its sale this time.

*1 Authorized Honda motorcycle dealers who have entered the motorcycle rental business from authorized Honda motorcycle dealers
*2 Orders will be accepted from July 7, 2020 (Tuesday) until October 31, 2020 (Saturday).
*3 Exclusive stickers are not for sale (sold with the sticker attached to the motorcycle)
*4  Audience, box office revenue, No. 1 movie released in 2019 Source: "Weathering with You" Production Committee 
*5 Part of Honda's initiatives to revitalize the motorcycle market

Super Cub 50, "Weathering with You" ver.

Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 269,500 yen (including 10% consumption tax)

Super Cub 110, "Weathering with You" ver.

Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 313,500 yen (including 10% consumption tax)


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