BMW Unveil its First M Model, the M 1000 RR with a Rare Pure Racing Gene!

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*The specifications for the German market (as of September 2020) are shown as the basis. Other markets may have different specifications, standard equipment, options, etc. The dimensions and engine output of a vehicle are based on data announced by BMW AG and may differ from those of the Japanese models. Please note that the specifications may be subject to change at any time.

BMW Motorrad has unveiled its first M model, the M 1000 RR. After the successful introduction of the M vehicle offering strategy for motorcycles at the end of 2018, BMW has been offering M optional equipment and M performance parts for the S 1000 RR (hereinafter referred to as "RR") since then. Based on the S 1000 RR ("RR"), BMW is pursuing the philosophy of the world's most powerful letter "M". The "M" stands for global racing success and the appeal of high-performance BMW models.

With an engine output of 156 kW (212 hp), DIN vehicle weight of only 192kg, suspension and aerodynamics designed for maximum performance on the track, it lives up to expectations in the top superbike segment.

The price and Japanese release date have not yet been confirmed.

M 1000 RR

M Competition Package


  • The M RR 4-cylinder engine, based on the RR engine, is designed for racing sports. More power, more torque in the mid rev range, 500rpm more top speed
  • Maximum output is 156kW at 14,500rpm, an increase of 4kW over the RR, and a maximum torque of 113Nm at 11,000rpm.
  • New 2-ring forged pistons weighing 12g less, modified combustion chambers, increased compression ratio to 13.5, slimmer and lighter rocker arms
  • Fully machined intake ports with new duct geometry and BMW ShiftCam technology for varying valve control timing and valve lift
  • Titanium valves on the exhaust side with new spring assemblies, slimmer, 6% lighter rocker arms, and optimized camshafts
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact engine block with Pancru titanium connecting rods that are longer and 85g lighter to reduce friction and weight
  • A non-reinforcing, anti-hopping clutch for maximum launch control
  • Shorten the intake funnel, optimized intake and exhaust efficiency at high rev range through a differential intake system
  • New exhaust system, which is 3675g lighter with titanium exhaust manifold, front and rear silencers
  • M winglets and high front window. Aerodynamic downforce slows down, accelerates faster, increases cornering stability without any loss of top speed.
  • The latest generation of Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and DTC wheelie function with a 6-axis sensor box, as well as the Rain, Road, Dynamic, Race and Race Pro 1-3 riding modes.
  • 2 adjustable characteristic throttle curves for optimal response The engine and brakes have 3 adjustable engine dragging torques in "Race Pro" mode
  • Shift Assistant Pro for shifting up and down gears without the clutch. Simple reversible shift patterns for track use
  • Launch control for a perfect race start and a pit lane limiter to ensure that speed is strictly adhered to in the pit lane
  • The Hill Start Control Pro for comfortable hill starting
  • Chassis design with modified geometry for track use, optimized wheel load distribution and increased swingarm pivot point adjustment
  • Central spring struts with optimized inverted forks and revised central spring struts that incorporate full floater pro kinematics
  • BMW Motorrad's first M-brake. Best deceleration performance on the track.
  • M Carbon wheels. Elegant high-tech components for maximum performance on the track and on the road.
  • Instrument panel with large 6.5-inch TFT display for perfect visibility, start animation with M logo, OBD interface available with activation codes for M GPS data loggers and M GPS lap triggers
  • Lightweight M-battery, rear USB charging socket, powerful LED interior light unit, electronic adaptive cruise control, heated grips
  • The M-design and dynamic style for ultimate performance on the track.
  • M Competition package with M GPS wrap trigger and activation code, M machined parts package, M carbon package, 220g lighter silver swingarm, DLC coated M endurance chain and tail hump cover passenger package
  • A comprehensive range of optional accessories and factory equipment

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