Honda Launches the Rebel 1100, a Large Cruiser Model

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Honda will release the Rebel 1100 Dual Clutch Transmission and Rebel 1100 on Thursday, March 11, 2021, and Thursday, May 13, 2021, respectively. The two large cruiser models are equipped with a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, OHC, 1,082cc inline 2-cylinder engine with easy-to-handle power characteristics in a low and long styling with a simple and cool image, and the lightweight and low center of gravity make it easy to maneuver.

Based on the development concept of "Sit back & Enjoy the ride," the Rebel 1100 has a low seat height, which is a common feature of the Rebel series, and a narrow style frame that curves around the rider's crotch to provide a low center of gravity and a secure footing.

In addition, while expressing the good proportions of the rider's seat, the step is set at a position that is easy to pedal, and a bank angle of 35 degrees*1 has been secured, making it possible to enjoy sporty riding despite being in the cruiser category.

*1 According to Honda research

The engine expresses the enjoyment of opening the throttle with the powerful traction performance and pulse created by the unequally spaced explosions of the 270-degree phase crank, as well as the characteristic of blowing smoothly up to the high-rpm range.

It also supports fun riding with a riding mode that allows the rider to select the riding feel to suit a wide range of situations and road conditions, from daily commuting, long weekend trips, and pillion riding with a partner.

Two colors are available: Gunmetal Black Metallic for a cool, sporty look, and Bordeaux Red Metallic for an elegant, sophisticated impression.

Rebel 1100

Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 1,100,000 yen (including consumption tax)

Gunmetal Black Metallic

Bordeaux Red Metallic

Rebel 1100 Dual Clutch Transmission

Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 1,210,000 yen (including consumption tax)

Gunmetal Black Metallic

Bordeaux Red Metallic

Main Features


The "SIMPLE", "RAW" (unprocessed material), and "CASUAL" of the Rebel series have been combined with "SERIOUS" to create cool proportions with a sense of human and horsepower unity, balanced even when the rider is riding, and a sense of massiveness appropriate to the displacement.


  • The flangeless fuel tank is designed to evoke the styling of the Rebel series, with a rounded shape and a capacity of 13 liters, enough for touring.
  • The swingarm inherits the iconic round pipe shape of the Rebel series and adopts an extra thick pipe with a diameter of 50.8mm, which is suitable for a large cruiser model, giving it a powerful impression combined with wide tires.
  • For the front suspension, the inner pipes are coated with dark navy titanium oxide to give the impression of a tighter footing. The bottom case is a two-piece structure to express a sporty and powerful feeling. The suspension dampers are of the cartridge type for sporty driving with excellent road-following performance.
  • The rear suspension uses a separate pressurized piggyback type to generate stable damping force, expressing strength in the rear styling and providing excellent road-following performance even in sporty driving.
  • ABS is standard equipment for brakes. Monoblock radial-mount calipers are used at the front for high controllability and sporty riding.


The engine is a 1,082cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, OHC, in-line 2-cylinder that delivers powerful traction performance and a pulsating feel thanks to the unequal spacing of the 270-degree phase crank explosion. Two types of transmissions are available: a dual-clutch transmission (DCT) that allows the rider to ride with more freedom, eliminating the need to operate the clutch or shift gears and a manual transmission that allows the rider to shift gears by himself.

Electronic Controls

  • Three riding modes are available: Power Mode, Honda Selectable Torque Control, Engine Brake, and DCT Shift Schedule*2, which are pre-set to match the riding situation and road conditions, and one riding mode that can be set at will.
  • Cruise control makes it possible to maintain a constant vehicle speed without operating the throttle on highways, making long trips more comfortable.

*2 Rebel 1100 Dual Clutch Transmission only


  • The 120mm-diameter round negative LCD speedometer features a layout reminiscent of a chronograph and offset indicators for easy recognition of information from the vehicle.
  • The key cylinder is located on the left side of the vehicle, and the cockpit area has been cleaned up to create a sense of freedom.
  • The seat is a single saddle type that expresses a simple, narrow style, but has a shape that holds the rider during acceleration and provides comfortable cushioning for long trips. Under the main seat, which can be opened and closed with the key, there is a 3L storage box and a 3A USB Type-C port for everyday use.
  • Equipped with grip heater and ETC2.0 on-board unit for comfortable long touring.

Main Features

Common nameRebel 1100
Motorcycle name and modelHonda - 8BL-SC83
Length x Width x Height (mm)2,240 x 850 [830] x 1,115
Distance (mm)1,520
Minimum ground clearance (mm)★120
Seat height (mm)★700
Vehicle weight (kg)223 [233]
Seating capacity (persons)2
Fuel Consumption Rate *3(km/(L)Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism
Fixed cost*4 (km/h)
31.5(60)(When pillion riding)
WMTC Mode Value *518.7 (Class 3-2)
Minimum turning radius (m)2.9
Engine model and typeSC83E - Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, OHC, 4-valve, in-line 2-cylinder
Total displacement (cm3)1,082
Bore and stroke (mm)92.0×81.4
Compression ratio ★10.1
Maximum power (kW)[PS]/rpm)64[87]/7,000
Maximum Torque (N-m)[kgf-m]/rpm)98[10.0]/4,750
Fuel supply system typeElectronically controlled fuel injection system (PGM-FI)
Starting system ★Electric
Ignition device type ★Full transistorized battery ignition
Lubrication methodPressure Spray Type
Fuel tank capacity (L)13
Clutch type ★Wet-type multi-disc coil spring
Transmission typeNormally Engaged 6-Stage Return [Electronic 6-Stage Transmission (DCT)
Transmission ratio1 speed2.866 [2.562]
2 Speed1.888 [1.761]
3 Speed1.480 [1.375]
4 Speed1.230 [1.133]
5 Speed1.064 [0.972]
6 Speed.0.972 [0.882]
Reduction ratio (Primary★/Secondary)1.717/2.625 [1.863/2.625]
Caster angle (degrees)/Trail amount (mm)28°00´./110
TireFront130/70 18M/C
Rear180/65 16M/C
BrakeFrontHydraulic disk
RearHydraulic disk
SuspensionFrontTelescopic style

Figures in [ ] are for the Rebel 1100 Dual Clutch Transmission.

  • Type designation application figures according to the Road Trucking Vehicle Law (items marked with * are Honda's published specifications)
  • Manufacturer: Honda Motor Co.

*3 The fuel consumption rate is based on the specified test conditions. They vary depending on various conditions such as the customer's operating environment (weather, traffic congestion, etc.), driving method, vehicle condition (equipment and specifications), and maintenance status.
*4 The fuel consumption rate is based on actual measurements taken while driving at a constant speed.
*5 WMTC mode values are calculated values based on exhaust gas test results measured in the international standard driving mode that includes starting, acceleration, and stopping. Driving mode classes are classified according to displacement and maximum speed.

Original Source [ Honda ]

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