HONDA Releases New GROM Race Base Model

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Honda Racing (HRC) has announced that it will supply a new version of its popular "GROM Race Base" minibike as a circuit entry model to HRC service shops nationwide from March 2021.

The new "GROM race base" is based on the new GROM that was unveiled in Thailand on March 21, and after removing unnecessary safety parts, HRC KIT parts such as the ECU, harnesses, and various switching switches, HRC will supply the new model to service shops. HRC will then add their own race parts (cowl, footpeg, exhaust system, etc.) to the motorcycle and sell it as a complete race machine from their service shops.

HRC also held the "HRC GROM Cup", a one-make race using the GROM race base vehicle at circuits across the country. HRC has created an environment where people can experience the excitement of motorsports.

*The images in this article are of the race-complete version, and the parts and coloring may differ from the actual vehicle.
*The "GROM Race Base Model" is for circuit use only and cannot be used on public roads.
*You cannot register and obtain a license plate number.
*This product is not covered by warranty.
*When participating in a race, you will need to change your specifications to comply with the regulations of the race.
*For more information on the HRC GROM Cup, please check HRC Website.

GROM Race Base Model Sales Outline (Race Complete Model)

HRC Service Shop (see below)
*The necessary parts for racing (cowl, silencer, step, etc.) are included and sold as a complete vehicle.

Release date
Mid-March 2021

Retail Price
Please check with your service shop.
*Please contact your HRC Service Shop for more information on when the complete race motorcycle will be available and its retail price.
*The price includes recycling costs.

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