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Xiangshuai Heavy Machinery may not be familiar to everyone, but everyone knows the construction group. The construction of Yamaha is almost a well-known brand in China. As a sub-brand of Jianshe, Xiangshuai Heavy Machinery is relatively low-key. Nevertheless, it brings amazing works to everyone in its annual Mobo exhibition. This brand that is determined to build a heavy cruiser made in China has been constantly honed on this road. With this spirit, I believe that it will surely realize its dream.



As China's first V-cylinder 900 CC three-wheeled heavy-duty locomotive, Xiangshuai is no longer inferior to international brands such as Harley in terms of design. It can flexibly combine fashion with personality. The rectangular LED car lights are the finishing touch, making the whole car look more dignified and domineering.


The paintwork of the bodywork is also very good, which can unreservedly show the nobility of heavy locomotives.


Whether people are beautiful or not, look at the thighs, and whether the car is handsome or not, of course, depends on the front of the car. In my opinion, this design is fairly successful. To a certain extent, it can attract rich uncle XD


The gradient pearl paint fuel tank is really full of personality, and the chrome-plated cover also shows the hardcore style of heavy motorcycles.


The front double disc brake system is sufficient to provide powerful braking performance, and the performance of the thick front shock is not too bad.


The generous high and low seats make the front seats quite comfortable, and the wide backrests in the rear seats are simply enjoyable for passengers in the rear seats.


The dragon plaque on the fuel tank cap is full of Chinese elements,




An electric car with a sense of technology




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