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Although VOGE is a brand with less than two years of debut, it has ambitions and is determined to become China's first-class high-end locomotive brand. It can also be seen from the name of the brand that the founder has a deep affection for Chinese Taoist culture, but also contains a profound life pursuit and philosophy. Through the interview program with the chairman of Loncin, we learned that he defined the Wuji brand as "an awe-inspiring motorcycle brand." We also deeply felt its heartfelt feelings from the products launched by Wuji in the past two years. Part of the passion for the motorcycle business.

Introduction to the brand history of VOGE

VOGE is a subsidiary of Loncin General Dynamics Co., Ltd., a global high-end locomotive start-up brand. It was officially launched on September 21, 2018 at the 16th Chongqing International Motorcycle Expo. Relying on years of technical precipitation in the industry, establishing long-term strategic partnerships with BMW (BMW) and MV (Augusta), and building a technical team, it has begun to have the ability to control high-end motorcycles. The Promise Locomotive (also known as VOGE Locomotive) brand created with great effort is intended to provide consumers with a new choice in the current consumption upgrade, bringing a high-quality, cost-effective, and fun-filled sports locomotive brand to convey "driving The brand proposition of "Aesthetics" emphasizes pure driving pleasure.


Brand positioning is the ultimate pleasure, advocating the control of aesthetics, the avenue is endless, which symbolizes happiness, freedom, and enterprising. The first meaning of the endless is to be in awe and explore infinite possibilities. In the data that plays a regular role in high-end industrial manufacturing, Continuous exploration, integration, lean, backfeeding, endless. Another meaning is to give consumers unlimited pleasure and extreme control. It is not only a joy of manipulation, but also an aesthetic of control.


Promise products include four major series, namely DS Rally series, AC retro series, RR sports car series and R street car series. Once the Promise Street series was launched, it was loved by young knights and became the first choice for many beginners.

Promise road racing series

Model: Promise 300RR

Suggested Price in RMB: 19,800

LED multi-function LCD display, stepped front deflector, front and rear split seats, special-shaped reinforced steel rocker, impedance compound muffler.


Body size: length×width×height (mm) 1965×790×1015, front tire size 110/70ZR17 after 150/60ZR17, suspension mode upside down before reduction/Central rear reduction, engine type single cylinder, water cooling, four strokes, curb weight (kg) 165, sitting height (mm) 780, minimum ground clearance (mm) 165, wheelbase (mm) 1360, maximum speed (Km)/h) 125, maximum torque 24.5N.m/7000rpm, maximum power 19.3kW/8500rpm, clutch type wet multi-disc, displacement 292.4ml

The beautiful appearance attracts many young knights to stop and watch. The track genes of the GP chariot are in the same line, and the passionate battle appearance is equipped with a powerful core for competition.


The sharp-shaped headlights use the most popular LED headlights. From a distance, they have the style of HONDA's CBR 650 R, but they have their own merits.

Promise Adventure Travel Series

Model: Promise 500DS

Suggested Price in RMB: 38,800

The Promise 500 DS uses a two-cylinder, water-cooled, four-stroke engine, with a curb weight of only (kg) 205, a minimum ground clearance (mm) of 185, and a sitting height of 820mm that can satisfy most riding comfort while ensuring riding comfort. Human height needs. It uses a TFT full LCD instrument panel with both Bluetooth and tire pressure detection functions, so driving parameters are clear at a glance. 17.The 2L large-capacity fuel tank not only makes the appearance of the body more robust, but also meets the needs of long-distance travel.


The suspension system uses an inverted front reduction/The central rear reduction can effectively filter out vibrations during travel, making the journey more comfortable.



Model: Promise 650 DS

Suggested Price in RMB: 49,800


Although the Promise 650 DS and the Promise 500 DS are the same series, the lack of design is not a family appearance. The headlights of the 650 DS are more like a pair of deep eyes.


Model: Promise 300GY Rally

Suggested Price in RMB: 23,600


The 300GY Rally uses a horizontal bar water-cooled 300 CC displacement engine. It is a motorcycle with off-road capability and part of the road capability. The biggest feature is that it can be licensed legally and purchase vehicle insurance. The tire specifications are: 19 inches in the front and 17 inches in the rear. The tires are Fujimori's inner tube tires. The suspension stroke: front 186mm, rear 2200mm, height: 850mm, fuel tank: 11L, curb weight: 149Kg,


The original factory comes with a heightened windshield, but unfortunately it cannot be adjusted. When high-strength off-road is required, it can only be removed first. Although the headlights look piercing and bright, it is actually more difficult to ride outdoors at night due to the use of halogen headlights. The seat cushion adopts the usual style of off-road vehicles to make the model more slender. Although the seat height is 850mm, due to the soft suspension stroke, the rider with a height of 170cm can also be easily controlled. As an entry-level off-road vehicle, it is still Very good.

Pioneer Retro Series

Model: Promise 300 AC

Suggested Price in RMB: 11,980




Model: Promise 500 AC


I stared at this exhaust port for a long time. The punched shape of the exhaust port looks very special. I can't talk about how beautiful it is, but it just makes you like it more and more. Maybe this is the charm of retro cars. This kind of design is almost never present at the factory, and few manufacturers are willing to pay attention to such details. This is what makes the Wuji brand special. Willing to do every detail carefully.


Street Sports Series

Model: Promise 500 R

Suggested Price in RMB: 34,800


The headlight design of the Promise 500 R is full of sense of science and technology, and the LED daytime traveling headlights make the front car look more domineering. The blade-shaped design of the rear mirror and the outline of the fuel tank make it look even sharper.



A look at this high buttock shows that the overall riding posture of the Promise 500 R is relatively aggressive, and the front part of the handlebar tube is relatively straight. During normal riding, the human body can get a very comfortable posture by leaning forward. At the same time, the handlebars are relatively wider than ordinary pick-ups, and the left and right direction changes have a better balance effect, allowing you to have better control.


As a Chinese brand with lofty ideals and pursuits, Wuji has proved itself with attitude and actions, and hopes that Wuji can continue to expand product lines and develop new areas.


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