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Suzuki, as one of the four largest Japanese factories in the world, has performed fairly well in the Chinese market in recent years. Although it also has a large number of fans in China, many classic Suzuki models cannot enter the Chinese market due to Suzuki's official strategy. Many users who have car purchase needs have to switch to other brands. As a user of Suzuki motorcycles, it is a pity.


Suzuki's things in China

Let us first understand the development history of Suzuki in China. Suzuki is one of the first manufacturers to enter the Chinese market among the four major Japanese factories. Suzuki first began to provide technology to China in 1984. In 1993, Changan Suzuki was established as a joint venture with Changan Automobile, and Changhe Suzuki was established as a joint venture with Changhe Automobile in 1995. With the strong assistance of Chinese partners, Suzuki produces and sells products developed by Suzuki. Suzuki has a history of more than 20 years in China. Although the cooperation has been in the automotive field before, it also laid the foundation for Suzuki to cooperate with China in the motorcycle field.


In 1993, the Japanese Suzuki Company and Dachangjiang entered into a technical cooperation to produce Haojue Suzuki series motorcycles. In September 2002, in the "Pearl River Delta" Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, a joint venture "Suzuki Motorcycle Research and Development Co., Ltd." was established with the Great Yangtze River Group. In November 2007, "Changzhou Haojue Suzuki Motorcycle Co., Ltd." was established in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province as a joint venture with Haojue Holding Company (the two parties jointly invested 1.8 billion yuan). In 2009, a very beautiful, grand, high-start, modern Plant. The well-known motorcycle artifact (DL250) V-strom 250 in China and the GW250, which is known as not bad for riding, are the products of cooperation between China and Japan.


It is these two high-quality models that make Chinese motorcycle users believe in Suzuki's quality, and also make Suzuki have a lot of fans in China. Although the V-strom250 sold well in China and even sold back to Japan, the follow-up Suzuki did not allow Haojue Suzuki to continue production with larger displacement models and technologies. Suzuki also did not continue to expand its 4S stores in China, and many of the coveted Suzuki models have been unable to enter the Chinese market. After a long time, other brands gradually grabbed market share.


Suzuki's new changes in China

The arrival of V-storm 1050

Official price: 149,800 RMB

The V-storm1050, which was unveiled in Milan in 19 years, was also unveiled at the Motor Expo. Although this model was available for order in China in August, the exhibition still attracted a lot of people to watch. Its arrival has made up for the vacancy of Suzuki's large-displacement motorcycles in China and provided Chinese motorcycle users with new choices.




The tepid DL 650

Official price: the standard version is 95,800 RMB, and the XT off-road version is 99,800 RMB


The SV650 that makes people wait for a while

Price estimate: 97,000 RMB

Lightweight Cruiser Cool Road 155

Official price: 14,980 RMB

The Suzuki Cool Road 155 is the latest Prince's car released by Jinan Suzuki. The Cool Road 155 perfectly inherits the Suzuki classic car system Intruder family lineage. The shark fin side wing design combines the fully-wrapped inverted drop-shaped headlights and sharp double The exhaust is very domineering, even though it only has a displacement of 155 cc, it also shows a sense of strength and hardcore style everywhere.


The novel and special shape of Cool Road 155 despite its small displacement, I believe it will still evoke the old feelings of the uncles, and I believe it will be seen on the road in the near future.


As a Suzuki user, I sincerely hope that Suzuki can pay more attention to the Chinese market and that Suzuki will become better and better in China.


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