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KAWASAKI has attached great importance to the Chinese market in the past few years, and 4S stores have blossomed across the country. According to official data, there are 37 4S stores nationwide, of which 11 are in Eastern China. Under the coverage of such a powerful 4S store, the KAWASAKI brand is like a fish in the Chinese market, and the recognition and recognition of the KAWASAKI brand by riders is also getting higher and higher, which can be described as prosperity. Although no new models were launched at this exhibition, KAWASAKI is still full of popularity.


Model: NINJA 400

Official price: 49,800 RMB


Model: Z H2

Official price: 239,000 RMB


Model: Z900RS

Official price: 139,000 RMB


Model: Z900

Official price: 107,900 RMB


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