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In the motorcycle industry, Zongshen is also considered the big brother. Although it was not so loud in many brands before, there are still some qualifications, and they have been working quietly in a low-key manner. However, it seems that it is reluctant to continue in the current situation of the domestic motorcycle industry. Judging from the area of the exhibition hall, it is almost the largest booth in this year's exhibition hall, which shows Zongshen's current ambitions and ambitions for the motorcycle industry.

Zongshen brand history introduction

Zongshen Industrial Group (Zongshen Industrial Group) was founded in 1992, the founder Zuo Zongshen, the company is headquartered in Chongqing, China. The company's main business focus was initially placed on engine production. Including motorcycle engines, general power machinery, micro car engines, boat engines, small aerodynamics, motorcycles, electric vehicles, and important parts of motorcycles.


Zongshen locomotive has three main brands of "Zongshen", "Senlan" and "Sykelong". In the past two years, it has been the main brand of Cyclo on motorcycles. After several years of hard work, it has been recognized by the majority of riders. In view of Zongshen's solid foundation in engine manufacturing, Aprilia also delegated some models to Zongshen's OEM production, which to a certain extent also helped Zongshen accumulate more advanced management and production technology in motorcycle manufacturing.

Cyclo's housekeeping star 2020 RX500 real rally car

■Model 2020 version RX500, minimum ground clearance (mm) 210, engine NC450 (single cylinder, water-cooled, SOHC, four valves), displacement (cc) 450, piston stroke (mm), maximum power Kw/(r/min)32/8000, maximum torque N.m/(r/min) 37/7000, the maximum speed (Km/h) 157, length X width X height (mm) 2100*880*1390, wheelbase (mm) 1425, curb weight (Kg) 204, fuel tank volume (L) 20, front tire specifications (110/80R19) after (150/70R17)


According to the information provided by the manufacturer, this model is available in five colors


As CYCLONE's main rally car, its configuration is really not bad. The vehicle is equipped with Dakar event power technology, banner tubeless tires, TFT meters, auto-sensing headlights, and off-road-grade frame. The smile on the face of the uncle should also be able to see its strength (XD).


As a rally car, of course, a bumper is indispensable. The Cyclo RX500 is equipped with a bumper as standard and reserved for modification, so that riders can modify according to different usage conditions, which is more practical.


It uses a brand-new goggles, which provides a better view while increasing the area.


The addition of auto-sensing headlights makes it full of technology. Except that the headlight design is somewhat similar to the MBW rally car family-style size and eye, I also think there is nothing wrong with it. After all, it is really good-looking to learn from it, hahaha!


The original factory is equipped with high-strength metal and large-capacity three boxes, so that your new car can easily ride on the road. From this point of view, the manufacturer has already put a lot of effort.


The flagship rally version: 34,880 RMB, and the Zhizun version: 3,7800 RMB. This price is still quite beautiful. It should be affordable for those who want to experience motorcycle travel without a high income. Yes, the rest is to see if you have enough time.

British style RE3 modification

RE3 original factory style, although the factory design is very beautiful, but after buying this style of car, it will always make people want to change it and make it a truly unique motorcycle. Maybe this is a retro car. The charm lies. In my opinion, people who buy retro cars are particularly rich in addition to being sentimental, hahaha!


The optional styles are 6 colors, which can satisfy the individual choice of riders to a greater extent. From the design point of view, this RE3 featuring the British cafe style has realized the essence of some cafe design elements. The design of the whole vehicle is relatively trendy; the power is also strong, and the handling performance is very flexible.


Tire replacement is definitely indispensable for the climbing version, and chocolate tires can make it more passable. The raised windshield is also full of different flavors, this is where everyone's style lies, there is no good or bad


The addition of the double-sided bag has completely raised the temperament of the entire car to a higher level. Putting aside the practicality, if you change this way, it proves that you are already a qualified cafe style fan.


Cyclo's first imitation racing RG 3

From the appearance, the designer is still at work. At least the lines of the whole car are perfectly outlined. From the appearance, you can see its sportiness.


Why does the exhaust pipe look so big? This is the most questionable part of the whole car. If the exhaust pipe can be made smaller, the overall shape and beauty may be improved to a higher level.


We look forward to Zongshen Sai Kelong will continue to launch more imitation racing models in the future to fill the gaps in the product line and give riders more choices.


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