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CFMOTO (Chunfeng), as the new darling of China's motorcycle market in recent years, is certainly indispensable for the opportunity to show up like this at the Chongqing Motor Expo. Although Chunfeng Motors has made frequent moves recently, constantly bringing new models to everyone, and earning enough attention, this Motor Expo has brought you even greater surprises!

CFMOTO (Spring Breeze) Brand History Introduction

Founded in 1989, it is a high-tech industrial private joint-stock enterprise focusing on the development and research of motorcycle water-cooled engines and complete motorcycles. CFMOTO (Chunfeng) brand belongs to Zhejiang Chunfeng Power Co., Ltd. It is the power industry platform of Chunfeng Holding Group. The company is located in Hangzhou, China. Its main business is the research and development, manufacturing and sales of all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and aftermarket supplies. They focus on the core competitiveness of large-displacement water-cooled power technology. After years of technology research and development and accumulation, they have achieved good results.


In China, the NK family series of street cars, the motorcycle model 650MT, the road wagon 650TR-G, etc. have become the industry benchmarks leading the leisure and large displacement water-cooled motorcycles. In 2014, Chunfeng Power emerged from more than 200 motorcycle manufacturers and became the designated manufacturer of special motorcycles for China’s state guest guards. This is one of the reasons why Chunfeng is so reliable in the eyes of the Chinese people. As a company directly linked to government procurement, their ambition is not only to be the number one in China, but their corporate vision is to become a world-class power sports brand.

China-made luxury motorcycle TR-G 1250 with the largest displacement

In the past few years, Chunfeng has paid close attention to the demand of the domestic market. Domestic riders have an urgent demand for large-displacement models and suffer from the high price of imported large-displacement SUVs. This time, Chunfeng motorcycles take advantage of the trend and actively respond to the domestic market. The needs of riders preemptively launched this co-upgraded model, creating a precedent for Chinese-made metric-upgraded motorcycles. Regardless of how much the final price will cost, the title is "the first Chinese-made metric-upgraded model". It has already made Chunfeng enough eyeballs.


■Displacement 1278.The 8cc, V-type twin-cylinder water-cooled engine has a maximum power of 105kW and a maximum torque of 120Nm. It is currently the most powerful motorcycle in China. Both the vehicle size and the engine displacement far exceed the previous generation of the Guobin 650 model. Regarding the price that car friends care most about, I regret that I did not get it in the venue.


From the appearance design, after so many years of accumulation, Chunfeng has enough experience to design the lines of the car to make people full of desire to buy. Regarding the configuration that riders are most concerned about, as the "first public upgrade model" will naturally not disappoint you. TR-G 1250 has 4 driving modes, and traction control should not be absent. The hardware configuration includes all-car LED headlights, electric adjustable windshield, WP shock absorption and BREMBO brake calipers, and Pirelli Demon 2 high-performance tires.


As a recreational vehicle, three large-capacity suitcases are sufficient for most situations. The embedded design of the side box makes the box and the frame more coordinated. The huge tail box puts two full-face helmets on it.


According to the current news, the electronic functions of TR-G 1250 are still quite rich, it is equipped with 12.The 3-inch TFT color full LCD instrument has functions such as Bluetooth interconnection, mobile phone projection, caller ID display, and map navigation.


As a top-level SUV, the braking system is naturally not too bad, and the front wheel dual disc brakes equipped with Brembo calipers can also satisfy everyone.


Cafe style CLX RACE nickname (Chu Liuxiang) modification

The cafe style is full. Since KAWASAKI launched the Z900rs cafe, the fans’ enthusiasm for the cafe has been greatly increased. Chunfeng also quickly launched the cafe retro car to cater to the appetite of consumers.





With VANHOOL (VANHOOL) full exhaust pipe to make it more powerful


The fuel tank cap uses the domestically well-known CNC modified brand MOTOR-TRON aluminum alloy fuel tank cap


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