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We will introduce a G-CRAFT's report of the 2020 Motorcycle Festival in Bangkok.
<The following is from the G-CRAFT's event report (in Japanese)>

The Bangkok Motorcycle Festival is an event like the following.
・Motorcycles were exhibited in a shopping mall named Central World
・Custom motorcycle shows are held (by displacement)
・Motorcycle manufacturers and parts manufacturers booth exhibit



The GCRAFT ASIA exhibited customized model at the Cub House in the custom show.

Our customized model is the HONDA MONKEY 125.

The fuel tank was painted in Pearl White.

Side cover

Then we installed some parts. There is also the MC!! (The venue is in a shopping mall)

Here's the finished model! Just by changing the color of the tank, the impression is drastically different.

Tail light cover

Front carrier

Billet cam cover

GCRAFT ASIA staff with a big smile on his face

And I found something interesting in the custom model on display at the Cub House booth. The carbon style fuel tank! I think they probably put a carbon sticker motorcycle on the OEM fuel tank.

Installing parts is also customizing, but I think it's also interesting to change the fuel tank colors such as a pearl white or carbon pattern to show off the personality.

Next is the introduction of the custom motorcycle of the mini bike!

The type of motorcycles are...

There were 3 types.

This is an American style MONKEY 125.

・High-positioned handlebar (Ape Hanger)
・One-off wheel
・The front disc brake has been detached in favor of style. (The bottom case may be handmade?)
・Jockey shift
・The matte painting is elaborate

It was the perfect finish for the exhibited model, and the running figure was a highlight.

At first glance it looks like a normal C125.

・Small screenshot
・Leg shield extension
・Cabra style side cover
・Pillion step boards (Thailand C125 does not have a pillion step boards)
・OEM seat

Although it is not flashy, it is a cowl that full of unity and summarizes by its parts.

And then here's the MONKEY 125 from the same Subnetwork production manufacturer. This is also a small version of the HARLEY-DAVIDSON with a great cowling shape.

In Japan, KIJIMA's MONKEY-DAVIDSON is famous, but this is also a DIY cowl. The fuel tank cover produces a fat style with a GORILLA-like cover. The slightly shorter suspensions gave the MONKEY a more HARLEY-like style.

And is this a Japanese style?

DIY made such as cowl, spoke wheels, and install the whole parts together.

The spoked wheels are nice.

And here is the touring style of the MONKEY 125.

It is a feeling called JDM style which scattered parts of a Japanese manufacturer.

This is also the touring version of the MONKEY 125.

The engine has been completely modified. The engine was placed in the tray of the shift drum, the mission. The shift drums and missions are placed on the engine tray.

This is a very nice cub. The suspension is relocated to the upper part of the chassis, and the swing arm is also greatly modified. The seat is turned into a fuel tank.

The DIY chassis was created by a young 17 years old boy. It is said that the young boy made his DIY chassis with the help of his father.

Japan is also being eliminated 3 movements, so it's good that such a young motherboard appeared!!

The last but not least, the contest champion MONKEY 125. The DIY exterior kits and Thailand color paint is eye-catching, but it seems that it is custom except for the wheels, the brake area, and the engine chassis.

The tapered exhaust on the slick rare wheel, the selection of parts such as separate handlebars that were set low is also splendid!

And also the fuel tank is beautiful.

Next is the middle class!! This is also a custom motorcycle that was invited from various countries such as Thailand and Malaysia, so these are also good looking motorcycles.

And before that. Here, I introduce the custom XSR900 motorcycle that I found at YAMAHA booth. The standard motorcycle is a combination of a Neo-retro x Sportbike, but it transforms into a tracker with coloring and seat cowl! The fuel tank is painted black at the bottom and looks like a tracker fuel tank.

This was cool, wasn't it?

And this is the BOLT⚡.

The exterior connection is almost replaced, and one motorcycle is equipping a dirt track tire.

Here, the size, balance, and coloring are fantastic. (I like tracker motorcycle.)

Let's go!!

This is one unit of a motorcycle with disc wheels, cowls, fuel tank, and seat. A light cowl is not a cowl at all. I was surprised by this approach of styling.

This motorcycle looks like running. There's no clutch lever. How? That's all I could think about.



With the addition of the low handlebar and the exterior kits, it gives a completely different impression.

Racer custom x street model of an example of such this one motorcycle. Around wheels, exhaust system, levers, and brakes...

The manufacturing may not be as good as the racers.

T-MAX drag specification

Is it some kind of winning motorcycle that has trophies on display?

From now on, it is an EV that may support the future. From this angle, it's a normal motorcycle, but when you look at it from above the tank is slick.

It is a dummy tank devised to make it easy to hold.

It was an exciting custom show with dozens of motorcycles and contests.

After seeing the vigorous motorcycle customs in Thailand and elsewhere, I thought I couldn't lose!! That means the Bangkok, Thailand Motorcycle Festival is over!

Original Source [ G-CRAFT ]

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