2024 Model BMW「C400GT」with New Service Package

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BMW Motorrad's mid-size scooter BMW C400GT (Cee Yong Hyak GT) has undergone some price and service changes starting with the 2024 model year.
The price has been lowered from the previous (approx.) 7240 USD to a more affordable (approx.) 6844 USD, excluding the service package.
The newly priced BMW C 400 GT started last Thursday, February 1, 2024.

Comfortable middle-urban scooter

The C400GT is a mid-size scooter model that BMW is introducing to its lineup in 2019.
It is introduced as a "GT" model with improved comfort and equipment of its predecessor, the C400X. It is the only scooter in the current lineup introduced in Japan, excluding electric models. It is equipped with a liquid-cooled OHC single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 349 cc and can be driven with a standard motorcycle license. Still, it features comfortable equipment comparable to those of higher classes.
In addition to heated grips and heated seats as standard equipment, it also features ride-by-wire for smooth throttle response and traction control with ASC (automatic stability control).

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C400GT [BMW 2024] The only middle scooter in BMW's current lineup. Riding comfort that can be enjoyed even when touring was pursued.

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The engine complies with the latest emission regulations in 2021 and delivers 34 PS at 7,500 rpm. It is also equipped with a traction control mechanism.

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The meter is a full-color LCD with an ETC2.0 onboard device and a USB charging port. Enjoy multiple activities.

Free choice of service packages and their contents

The 2024 specification changes do not change the vehicle's specifications or color, but they do change the price and the services offered at the time of purchase. The price has been reduced by excluding oil inclusions (a service package that provides free engine oil and filter changes for up to 5 years/50,000 km), which were previously included in the vehicle price. The price was reduced by 62,000 yen from last year's model. Buyers can freely choose whether or not to include the conventional service package and the package contents.

The price starts at (approx.) 6844 USD. Three color variations will be available: Imperial Blue Metallic, Black Storm Metallic 2, and Alpine White.

Service Package Overview

Service packages are BMW Motorrad's after-sales services, and three packages are available.

The Oil Inclusive plan covers engine oil and filter changes, the Service Inclusive plan includes specified parts replacement and exchange, and the Service Complete plan includes brake pads, battery, towing, and other services., can be selected from three plans depending on the length of the contract or the mileage.

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C 400 GT[2024]

Release Date: February 1, 2024 (Thursday)
Manufacturer's suggested retail price: (approx.) 6844 USD ~

Alpine White

Suggested retail price: (approx.) 6843 USD


Imperial Blue Metallic

Suggested retail price: (approx.) 6882 USD


Black Storm Metallic 2

Suggested retail price: (approx.) 7010 USD


C 400 GT[2024] Main Specifications

Wheelbase: 1565mm
Seat height: 775mm
Weight: 202 kg *excluding fuel
Engine: Liquid-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke engine
Maximum output: 25 kW (34 PS)/7500 rpm
Maximum torque: 35Nm/5750rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 12.8 liters
Transmission: CVT
Brakes: F=W disc, R=disc
Tires: F=120/70ZR17, R=180/55ZR17
Price: From approx. 18427 USD (tax included)