Over 100 PS at the Rear Wheels!: General Riders Test Ride the TRICK STAR「ZX-4RR Turbo」; Overwhelming Power

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TRICK STAR, well-known for the development of the IKAZUCHI racing muffler, is now working on the ZX-4RR Turbo Project, which aims to achieve a top speed of 300 km/h while maintaining the displacement of the Kawasaki ZX-4RR. The goal is to reach approximately 180 PS of power from a 400 cc engine, a truly unprecedented challenge.

The prototype was also on display at the Nagoya Motorcycle Show in April, attracting much attention and excitement from visitors.
However, Trickster also offered test rides of the ZX-4RR Turbo to the general public at the recently held Trickster MUFFLER FESTIVAL! We want to report on the excitement of the visitors, along with photos from the event.

Five lucky winners were the first public riders to test-ride the turbo!

The ZX-4RR Turbo was test-ridden at the TRICK STAR MUFFLER FESTIVAL held by Trickstar in Aichi Prefecture on Sunday, May 5. This event allowed visitors to experience the IKAZUCHI series of racing mufflers developed and sold by the company by actually driving on a course. Since exhaust parts are expensive, it is nice to check the feeling of the actual product before purchasing it. The venue was crowded with many participants on the day of the event.

The ZX-4RR Turbo also appeared in such a situation. Although the machine is still under development, it naturally attracted a deal of attention. While there was a rush of applicants, only five were selected on the day of the event by lottery from among those who wished to participate, and they were given the chance to ride on this precious machine.

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The ZX-4RR Turbo was shown to the public at the Nagoya MC Show. It is a prototype of a project that aims for 180 PS and a speed of 300 km/h in the end.

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On the day of the event, out of 100 applicants, five were selected by lottery to get a chance to test-ride the motorcycle.
There was no shortage of interest in finding out what kind of power overflows from the motorcycle.

Peaky power that is different from large-displacement machines" Unique character of the turbo

A turbocharger is a unit that uses exhaust pressure to ride a turbine and feed more air into the engine. Various manufacturers have attempted to use a turbocharger in motorcycle engines to produce power beyond the displacement limit, but none of them have been installed in current vehicles, and there are no precedents for medium- or small-displacement models. Not many riders have ever ridden a bike with a turbocharger.

In this context, Trickster has been installing a turbo on the ZX-25R since 2015 as part of a top-speed attack based on Kawasaki's sports models. The speed reached 259 km/h on the meter (250 km/h on actual measurement), and the company decided to apply this know-how to the ZX-4RR, taking advantage of its experience in challenging the limits of the machine. This challenge called the ZX-4RR turbo project, will begin with the launch of the ZX-4RR in July 2023. The prototype was completed in March of this year.
The ZX-4RR has overwhelming power that can produce 77 PS when pressurized, but the specs are currently 35~40 PS higher than the standard, and the rear wheel output has been measured to be over 100 PS.


This is the ZX-4RR Turbo on display at the Nagoya MC Show. The prototype was just completed in March this year.


The under cowl is removed and a huge air cleaner protrudes.


A boost gauge and sub-computer have been added in the cockpit. The atmosphere of a "for real" motorcycle is already enough.

The riders who test rode this machine for the first time experienced to their heart's content the power that is much stronger than the stock power. The feeling of the machine was unique, with a spacious and clear peak power, completely different from large-displacement 100 PS class machines. The image of the engine is similar to that of a two-stroke engine, and it can be said to maximize the fun of nimbly handling a medium-displacement body.

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This will be the first time that ordinary riders will have the opportunity to ride the ZX-4RR Turbo.

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Although it is a 400cc bike, its power is very different.
However, it seems to have a different feeling from that of a large motorcycle.

_DSC8315_1980-01-01 0-00-00_ZX4RR_TRICKSTAR

Although still in the prototype stage, this was a glimpse into the powerful world of turbochargers.

_DSC8274_1980-01-01 0-00-00_ZX4RR_TRICKSTAR

Some participants said they felt the feeling of a two-stroke engine.

Development continues for commercialization! Surprisingly few challenges!

The ZX-4RR Turbo was confirmed by the general public this time, but it may not be long before it is available to all riders, not just the lucky ones selected for this year's event.
The turbocharged machine is being developed for commercialization in parallel with the top-speed challenge! Unlike the ultimate machine that aims for 300 km, the specifications of this machine are intended to allow anyone to enjoy the world of over 100 PS, and the specifications of this test ride are close to those of the production version. The specifications of this test motorcycle are close to the production specifications, and the turbo pressurization has also been adjusted accordingly.

Since it is still under development, there is no information on when it will be released to the market or how much it will cost, but the process has been surprisingly smooth and trouble-free, according to Trickster. This is due to Trickster's experience with the ZX-25R, which has a similar structure. The ZX-4RR has the advantage of being designed in such a way that the difficulties encountered with the 250cc ZX-25R can be easily solved, and a commercial version is not far away.
We look forward to further news on the development of the romantic ZX-4RR turbo!

_DSC8288_1980-01-01 0-00-00_ZX4RR_TRICKSTAR

Although only a limited number of riders were touched at this event, the day is not far off when many riders will be able to taste the turbo!

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The ZX-25R Turbo had many challenges, and it took a year and a half to reach 250 km/h. This time, the development is going well!
This time around, the know-how has been applied without hesitation, and development is going well!