SCOOP: DR-Z400S/DR-Z400SM is Rumored to be Revived in Japan in 2025! Will the “Fastest Street Model” Kick out its Rivals?

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The Suzuki DR-Z400 series, beloved for its liquid-cooled 400cc displacement single that outperformed its rivals and its authentic equipment, is rumored to return in 2025.
Will it be paired with the V-Strom 250SX, and will Suzuki dominate the off-road scene? 
We followed up on the details.

Suzuki's next move is the only and most powerful 400 off?

In the current lineup of Japanese manufacturers, Honda's CRF250L series is a full-scale off-road model that can be driven on public roads.
Here, Kawasaki plans to introduce the new KLX230 in the future. There are also rumors that Yamaha is developing a 200-230cc model to replace the Serow 250.

Suzuki, on the other hand, will release an oil-cooled, single-cylinder V-Strom 250SX in 2023. However, while it can handle dirt roads at the forest road level, it also emphasizes on-road performance. It has different cast wheels from its rivals, with 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels, and weighs 164 kg, more than 20 kg heavier than the CRF250L, so its rivals will have the edge in terms of serious off-road riding.

So there is a rumor that Suzuki will bring back the DR-Z400S as a serious off-road model in Japan in 2025. If realized, the DR-Z400S will be the only true off-road model in the 400 class in Japan. If realized, the DR-Z400S will be the only full-scale off-road model in the 400 class in Japan and will be a rare find on a global scale.

The DR-Z400S is still on the market in North America with a carburetor, where regulations are different. It would not be impossible to comply with emission regulations based on the DR-Z400S.


This is a CG of the new DR-Z400S created by this website. Based on the old model, the new DR-Z400S is expected to be refined with modern styling.


The first generation DR-Z400S was introduced as the 2000 model, and its production in Japan was announced to be discontinued in November 2008.
Liquid-cooled 4-stroke single cylinder DOHC 4-valve 398cc 40PS/7500rpm 4.0kg-m/6500rpm Weight 140kg Tires F=80/100-21 R=120/90-18 
Model year: 2000


The DR-Z400S/SM continues to be sold in North America, with a larger headlight but is almost identical to the final 2009 model in Japan. The coloring is unique, with a dazzling champion yellow!

A serious model was developed in collaboration with a racer, motard version is expected to be revived.

If the DR-Z is revived, it will have a 400cc displacement, high power, and a lightweight slim chassis that its current rivals do not have. The model of the time produced 40 PS and weighed only 140 kg. It was able to handle everything from city streets to rough terrain and was often called the fastest street bike on the market.
The resurrection of such a model in 2022 is sure to attract a great deal of attention.

The DR-Z400S originally came from a racer replica that was jointly developed with the enduro racer DR-Z400.

The engine has a short stroke setup with a bore of 90mm x stroke of 62.3mm. Combined with a lightness close to that of a 250cc single-cylinder model, it delivers enough acceleration to provide immediate power lift. Magnesium alloy was also used for the engine cover in pursuit of weight reduction.

The chassis was also very luxurious, with a Chromoly tubular steel double cradle frame, aluminum seat rail, and a racer-sourced split aluminum swingarm. The front fork was a large-diameter φ49mm upright cartridge type with 14 compression & 18 rebound adjustment.

In 2004, a motard version, the DR-Z400SM, was added. It is of course highly competitive, so much so that it is still active in the gymkhana world along with the 2-stroke replica NSR250R. It is rumored that not only the off-spec DR-Z400S but also the motard-spec DR-Z400SM will be revived this time.


CG of the new DR-Z400SM created by this website. It is a motard specification with 17-inch front and rear on-road tires. As Suzuki is very particular about its motors, we expect the new DR-Z400SM to have the same special settings for on-road use as the previous model.


The 2004 DR-Z400SM. Unlike the S, the DR-Z400SM was equipped with inverted forks and was given a special rear shock and swingarm.
The tapered swingarm and rear linkage were also exclusive.

FI and ABS are adopted of course, and S also adopts inverted forks.

If this DR-Z400 series were to be revived in 2022, what kind of specifications would it have? The basic configuration would be based on the old model, but the engine would naturally be changed from carbureted to FI, and the suspension and design would be updated. The off-road DR-Z400S had an upright fork and the motard DR-Z400SM had an inverted fork, but we expect that both will be unified with an inverted fork.

In addition, since the ABS regulations for motorcycles, which were not in effect at the time, would also apply, ABS would naturally be installed. In consideration of driving on dirt roads, it would be a godsend if an ABS cancel function is installed.

The arrival of the successor to the Serow from Yamaha will bring together off-road vehicles from all four manufacturers. The return of the DR-Z400 series will make the selection even more interesting. Suzuki's lineup will consist of the V-Strom 250SX, which excels at on-road riding and is easygoing, and the DR-Z400 series, which is ultra-serious and is the only off-road bike currently available. As the only Japan off-road and motard machine in the 400 class, the DR-Z400 series should be able to differentiate itself from other manufacturers.

We are now looking forward to the expected arrival date of 2025!


CRF is also available in STD with 830mm seat height. KLX is a North American version.
The DR-Z was as light as the CRF250L, but its power was impressive. The DR-Z's body was the only one with a chromoly steel frame and luxurious suspension.
On the other hand, the seat height was high.