Summary of How to Find and Cause Strange Noises Coming from the Motorcycle

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Hello everyone, this is Yoshiki.
Have you ever experienced a strange sound coming from a motorcycle all of a sudden and felt uneasy?

- I hear a rumbling sound, but I wonder if it's all right.
- Is it my imagination that I hear a squeaking sound?

If you feel this kind of anxiety, you honestly can't go touring. A strange noise from the bike is a signal that you are having some kind of malfunction. Let's check it out as soon as possible.

So, in this issue, we will show you how to find strange noises coming from your motorcycle and tips on how to determine the malfunctioning part from the sound.
If you don't have time to take your bike to a bike shop, or if you want to be able to inspect your bike yourself, we would be happy to be of help.

Please join us.

What if I hear a strange noise coming from my motorcycle?

If you hear a strange noise coming from the motorcycle while riding, first stop the motorcycle in a safe place and look for the location where the noise is coming from.
We will observe the engine, levers, muffler, and other places that can be easily found visually.

At this time, if the engine is idling properly and not emitting a loud noise from the engine, the engine is left running for the time being and examined.

As a precaution, the muffler and engine are extremely hot after riding. It is not a good idea to check them by touching each part with bare hands.

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