New Colors! YZF-R125 Now Available in a Third Color, and the Lineup is Now Complete! Straddle Ride Experience at Yamaha Riders Cafe!

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The YZF-R125 is the new YZF-R125 model that Yamaha revealed information about at the March Motorcycle Show.
This is the new 125cc full-cowl sports model that has been eagerly awaited by motorbike riders nationwide.
New colors for the YZF-R125 were unveiled at the YAMAHA Rider's Cafe 2023 event held in May! In addition to the previously announced blue and black, the new model now comes in a lineup of three colors.
Other information has yet to be announced, but the editorial department expects the new model to be released sometime this summer.

Aggressive Gray is now available for pre-release in Asia! Expect to adapt it for R15 as well!

Among the vehicles on display at the YAMAHA Rider's Café events held throughout Japan was the YZF-R125, which was released in March of this year, in a new color! The color, which is not available even in Europe where the R125 was released earlier, is a sporty graphic with a dark gray base accented by a bright fluorescent yellow.


The new YZF-R125 color was unveiled. The fluorescent yellow wheels are dazzling!


The racing stripes on the front mask give the motorcycle a sporty look!


Although official color codes and other information have not yet been announced, this graphic is believed to be the same as the graphic used for the R15 currently on sale in Thailand and Indonesia as Aggresive Grey.
Will the "Black," "Blue," and "Aggressive Grey," which have already been announced in Japan, be part of the full lineup when the R15 goes on sale in Japan?

Although only information on the YZF-R125 was announced this time, we can expect to see a new color for the YZF-R15, which is also scheduled to be released in Japan. As the same color is used for the R15 currently on sale in Asia, we can expect to see it used for the Japan version as well! We look forward to further news.

Details on the release date and domestic specifications remain undisclosed, along with the MT-125 and XSR125.
Although Yamaha President Hidaka has stated that the bikes will be released by the end of 2023, the editors expect the YZF-R125, YZF-R15, and MT-125 to be released around summer, and the XSR125 in the fall or later.


This is the current Indonesian-spec R15. This color lineup is also definite for the YZF-R125 in Japan.


Yamaha's new 125cc models are eagerly awaited for release. The editors expect the sports type to be announced first, and the neo-classic XSR is likely to be released in the fall.

You too can experience riding a bike at Yamaha Rider's Cafe!

Starting on Saturday, May 13, Yamaha Rider's Cafe is scheduled to be held at 18 locations nationwide.
Any Yamaha fan can participate in this event, and by showing your My YAMAHA Motor Web membership card, you will receive an original drip coffee and a sticker! Visitors can also check out the footing of the YZF-R125 and XSR900/YZF-R7 by riding the motorcycle.


You can check the footing of the YZF-R125 at all venues! Also, the "MATAGARI METER" is now counting on the official Yamaha page to see how many people have straddled the YZF-R125. You can also check how many people have straddled the YZF-R125 on Yamaha's official website.

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