Using Solder in the Manner of Electrical Wiring Repair, Seal the Hole in the Fuel Tank.

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Dirt in the fuel tank attracts rust, which can erode and create rust holes in the fuel tank.
Even a fuel tank that looks very clean on the outside often has more rust than expected when you take a peek inside. The worst thing you can do is turn a blind eye to the sudden fuel leakage! To avoid serious problems, the hole must be repaired as soon as possible.
Here, we tried to fill a pinhole in a fuel tank using sheet metal solder, which is the solder used to connect wires.

Let's know the size of the soldering iron, as there are different sizes of soldering irons.


The area around the fuel tank is strangely dirty, and when the gas tank is removed, the black frame is stained brown and also damp! I am sure there must be some riders who have encountered such problems.
The gas tank looks very clean and has a beautiful OEM paint job, but what a surprise! There is a hole or pinhole in the tank, and a very small amount of fuel is leaking out! This is exactly what this SRX fuel tank looks like.
This SRX's fuel tank was exactly the same. When I removed the fuel tank during other maintenance, I found the frame was stained brown, so I tracked down the cause. We found that a section of the paint on the gas tank had peeled off, and a pinhole had formed in the steel plate underneath. The rust inside the tank seemed to have eroded toward the surface and finally penetrated the steel plate. As far as we could see from the fuel cap, the inside of the tank was not in a terrible condition, but we had to be careful because rust comes suddenly. If such rust holes are found, they can be filled with "sheet metal solder". You have to work carefully because you are dealing with a fuel tank, but if you have the right tools, you can do the work more easily than you can imagine. Depending on the repair point, sheet metal solder requires an iron with a large heat capacity. We used a large 200W soldering iron.

Leakage from tank seams can also occur.


A fuel tank is formed into a box shape by combining several pressed steel plates and welding the flanges.
The welded parts naturally have grooves where dirt and degraded fuel sludge can easily accumulate. Such dirt often affects the rust and causes it to erode. Having discovered a fuel leak, we repaired the affected area with sheet metal solder and then practiced rust removal cleaning inside the tank. After that, it is advisable to strip the tank paint before performing a water pressure test. The method is to submerge the tank in water up to the fuel cap portion of the top surface and blow into the hose leading to the fuel cock. If there is a hole, bubbles will come out.
When soldering sheet metal, flux is applied to the surface of the steel plate to improve solder placement, but if the flux runs off, it can cause rust.