Limited Edition Paint “Low Rider ST”, “Road Glide ST”, and “Street Glide ST” from Harley on May 3!

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Harley-Davidson began selling the FAST JOHNNIE model with special paint and graphics in Japan on May 3. This model, with a racy worldview inspired by the muscle cars of the 1970s, will be sold in a limited edition of 222 units in Japan. The lineup consists of three models: the Low Rider ST at (approx.) 25300 USD, the Road Glide ST, and Street Glide ST at (approx.) 32568 USD.

It's like a sports muscle car! Limited edition model will be on display at the event

FAST JOHNNIE is a limited edition paint scheme that pays homage to the muscle cars of the 1970s and their street performance and trick paint jobs. all three models share the same Fast Johnny Blue base color with white racing stripes. The image is reminiscent of the Ford and Dodge muscle cars of yesteryear. The tank also features "Johnny the Pig," Harley's first racing mascot. The character is also used by the team competing in the King of the Bugger Race and is symbolic of Harley's racing image.

All FAST JOHNNIE models are planned to be produced in less than 2,000 units worldwide. A total of 222 units are scheduled to be introduced in Japan: 195 Low Rider STs, 16 Road Glide STs, and 11 Street Glide STs. The Lowrider ST will also be on display at the Blue Sky Meeting in Nikko scheduled for Saturday, May 13.

2023 Location Photography - Enthusiast. FLTRXST - FLHXST - FXLRST

2023 Model Photography.  FXLRST Low Rider ST.

Low Rider ST. 195 units to be sold, priced at (approx.) 25288 USD


Road Glide ST. 16 units to be sold, priced (approx.) 32545 USD


Street Glide ST. 11 units to be sold, priced at (approx.) 32545 USD


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