「Owners Review」To Be Honest, What do you think of the Kawasaki “Ninja ZX-14R”

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From the Webike Community's My Bike, the "Owner Review Summary" introduces various motorcycles based on the voices of owners who actually ride or have ridden them. This time, here's what the owners have to say about  Kawasaki「Ninja ZX-14R」.

To be honest, the Kawasaki "Ninja ZX-14R" is this kind of bike!

オーナーレビュー カワサキNinja ZX-14R

The dawn of Japanese motorcycle history began in the 1950s after World War II.
Four domestic manufacturers were born, and for 60 years, they competed with each other in a friendly rivalry for the title of "fastest. In other words, "high speed means high performance." In the 1990s, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Honda began a development battle to reach the dream speed of 300 km per hour. Kawasaki, with its strong focus on the keyword "fastest," developed the ZZR1100 (ZX-11) in an attempt to win the title of the world's fastest motorcycle.

The Ninja ZX-14R introduced here is the successor to the ZZR1100, albeit under a different name. The ZZR1100 series models have long been known in the North American market as the Ninja ZX series, and the name in Japan has been changed to Ninja ZX-14R since the 2012 model changed to a larger displacement model.

Although covered by a full cowl like a supersport, it is not a car that flutters around corners, but a heavier car for stability at high-speed cruising.

The engine does not have the sharp throttle response of a supersport engine.
As a high-speed cruising tourer, the crank mass is heavy, and the engine power is stored well, allowing the driver to enjoy a strong feeling of power as if the engine is being stretched out.

High-speed tourers that emphasize top speed developed for top speed competition are generally called "mega sports", but Kawasaki's mega sports ZZR series has been for generations, such as load capacity and center stand. It is characterized by ensuring convenience as a "tourer".

However, while this Ninja ZX-14R continues to be sold in the North American market, it is already discontinued in Japan after the 2019 model year.

How do Webike users feel about the Ninja ZX-14R?

オーナーレビュー カワサキNinja ZX-14RNinja ZX-14R

Average price of the new model: ──
Used model price: approx. 11672 USD
Number of reviews: 149
Data as of May 25, 2023

Average owner satisfaction rating is 3.56  out of 5 (854 people rated)

It should be noted that the car received a high rating of approximately 4.8 points for driving and looks. Many owners seem to have fallen in love at first sight with its large-displacement size and powerful design.

On the other hand, one of the disadvantages cited was the difficulty in maneuvering the vehicle due to its 270 kg weight. Some said they were a little anxious when going out alone.

Ninja ZX-14R, Quick Summary


- Powerful appearance
- Gentle, easy-to-handle, nostalgic engine feel, even for large-size beginners
- Comfortable position and stability
- High mobility without feeling heavy for the weight of the vehicle


- Poor maintainability due to the full cowl.
- Heavy body requires getting used to handling.
- Luggage carrying capacity is non-existent.
- Very hot in summer!

Ninja ZX-14R Owner's Voice

Here are some of the most impressive voices among the many reviews.

Mura Hiro

オーナーレビュー カワサキNinja ZX-14R

Motive for purchase, intended use, and comparative models The ZZR1400 has been my bike to ride since its debut.
I got the first model a few years after it was sold and later decided to buy the current final model.
He mainly uses it for touring from day trips to 3 nights and 4 days.
Advantages/Satisfactory points It feels surprisingly light when you start riding.
It is like riding a luxury sedan.
The car accelerates from any RPM range with its large torque.
The headlights are also distinctive.
Disadvantages/Dissatisfactory points The push/pull is just too heavy.
Even if you reduce the weight (muffler replacement, etc.), the effect is not so great.
I think it will change a lot if you go as far as customizing the cowl and swingarm.
When viewed from the front, it is sometimes mistaken for a big scooter.
Advice for prospective buyers Large-sized motorcycle for beginners to experts and return riders.
Recommended for a wide range of riders, young and old.


オーナーレビュー カワサキNinja ZX-14R

Motive for purchase, intended use, and comparative models I was riding a TDM900 thinking it was fine, but in the end I couldn't forget the feeling of power, etc. of the Mega Sports, so I bought one.
I had a choice between the ZX-14R and the Hayabusa, but I bought the Hayabusa because I had owned one before, there was no coloring I liked, and I fell in love with the ZX-14R's coloring at first sight.
The biggest factor was that I would no longer be able to purchase a new bike.
Advantages/Satisfactory points Good coloring.
As my wife said, it is quiet and the seat is comfortable.
Good sound when you put it in first gear from neutral.
Lots of custom parts.
There is plenty of room for everything.
Disadvantages/Dissatisfactory points  I thought that when I was on the Hayabusa, I didn't need the power select button (I never used it on the Hayabusa.
(I never used it on the Hayabusa, and will not use it again this time.
I want the price to be lower for that).
I don't like ABS either, but I guess it can't be helped in this day and age.
It may be a matter of getting used to it, but I feel that it is difficult to put the car in neutral.
The screen is a little low.
The clearance for the hook of the rear maintenance stand is too small.
Advice for prospective buyers If you are worried about handling the bike, don't buy it.
You should have anti-theft measures (theft insurance, etc.).
If you really want this bike, you should buy it. If you compromise on the experience, you will soon start to see other bikes as good.


オーナーレビュー カワサキNinja ZX-14R

Motive for purchase, intended use, and comparative models I had been interested in this bike since the ZZR 1400 days, but honestly, I had assumed it was out of my reach.
However, at the end of the life of a motorcycle, to the motorcycle that I really want to ride without compromise! I decided to buy a new car with a single-minded determination.
Advantages/Satisfactory points The most attractive feature of the SS is its powerful style.

It may be inferior to the SS in terms of athletic performance, but its mega-sporting power and imposing appearance make you think, "This is the only way to go! It is very smooth to drive.
It runs very smoothly and has a luxurious feel like a royal saloon.
And if you open the throttle, it is surprisingly fast!
Even on winding roads, although it does not have a fluttering feeling, you can still enjoy a smooth and sporty ride with a sense of oneness with a single car, without being dull.

The throttle seems to have been intentionally adjusted to have a slightly dull response at low rpm, so it is not nervous or irritable, but when you turn the throttle to a certain extent, the pickup increases, which is exquisite.
Although it has high power, it is a really fun motorcycle even if you don't drive it hard.

Disadvantages/Dissatisfactory points Is it a little heavy to handle? The cowl is a bit loose.
Also, the cowls are not aligned properly.
In particular, the gap between the tank cover and the tank is quite large and noticeable.
The high degree of perfection of the other parts is a little worrisome.
Also, I wish there was more storage space under the seat; it is inconvenient that there is nothing to put in there after installing an ETC system.
Advice for prospective buyers The Megasport genre itself can be said to be a genre in which performance as a motorcycle is pursued, and it is no exaggeration to say that this ZX-14R, with its overwhelming degree of perfection, is at the top of all motorcycles in this genre.

It is truly amazing to be able to obtain this top performance for such a small price.

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In the 1990s and 2000s, mega-sport models were in a heated battle to reach 300 km/h. However, after Suzuki's Hayabusa achieved the long-sought goal of 300 km/h, the development battles came to an end.

Honda's CBR1100XX SuperBlackbird, a rival to the Ninja ZX series, has long since dropped out of the catalog, and Suzuki's Hayabusa is currently the only Megasport machine available in Japan.

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※ Average owner satisfaction and number of reviews as of May 24, 2023.


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