「Owners Review」To Be Honest, What do you think of the Kawasaki “Versys 1000SE”

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From the Webike Community's My Bike, the "Owner Review Summary" introduces various motorcycles based on the voices of owners who actually ride or have ridden them. This time, here's what the owners have to say about   Kawasaki「Versys 1000SE!」.

To be honest, the Kawasaki "Versys 1000SE" is this kind of bike!


Kawasaki's Versys series takes a different approach to the adventure bike genre. The Kawasaki Versys series is a different approach to the adventure bike genre. Adventure bikes are comfortable for long trips, including carrying capacity and comfort, are capable of high-speed cruising, and can even be ridden on dirt roads to varying degrees.

Kawasaki's Versys series resembles an adventure bike in bodywork and position, but it is not designed for off-road riding. The 17-inch wheels front and rear are for the road section, and the upright position is designed for riding through winding roads with an elevated viewpoint to see beyond the corners and enjoy the ride.

How can an adventure bike go off-road if it has a heavy, back-torque 1000cc class parallel four-cylinder engine? You may be thinking, "How can I ride off-road with a 1000cc class parallel 4-cylinder engine with heavy back torque on an adventure bike? To begin with, the Versys 1000SE is not designed for dirt road riding.

This is why it is so great on winding roads. The latest Versys 1000SE is equipped with SHOWA's electronic suspension with a Skyhook control system, which is really comfortable. The system adjusts damping force in real time to eliminate pitching motion as much as possible, allowing the driver to open the throttle and drive comfortably even on bumpy and rough road surfaces.

Versys is a coined word that combines the words Vertex (vertex) and System (a mechanism), and its meaning is that running with a high-power engine in an upright position is what makes a wide-riding motorcycle. It is the best system to enjoy.

How do Webike users feel about the Versys 1000SE?



Average price of the new model: approx.  ──
Used model price: approx. 13013 USD
Number of reviews: 6
Data as of May 16, 2023

Average owner satisfaction rating is 4.00 out of 5 (35 people rated)

It should be noted that the average rating is a high 4.
Although the number of evaluators is small (35), it received a perfect score for loadability.

On the other hand, it received a low rating of 3.08 points for maneuverability.
While full panniers are convenient for touring destinations, some said they are difficult to store and park.

Versys 1000SE, Quick Summary



Kawasaki's unique style is cool!
Comfortable and fatigue-free for long-distance touring
Quick shifter is great
Electronic suspension does the job well


Fuel economy is not as good as expected (about AV.22 km/L over long distances)
It is difficult to find a place to store it.
cruise control is comfortable, but I have to fight against sleepiness
Not enough custom parts

Versys 1000SE Owner's Voice

Here are some of the most impressive voices among the many reviews.



Motive for purchase, intended use, and comparative models I bought it to try it out with zero expectations because it was recommended to me every time I transferred.
Advantages/Satisfactory points  I bought it for Hyperlon 2, and from the moment I connected the clutch, it was as light as a 250cc, and I could use it for everything from city riding to mountain passes without getting tired at all.
The tandem seat is wide enough to carry a person behind without making it difficult to drive at all.
Disadvantages/Dissatisfactory points It does not have violent acceleration, but I am not complaining at all. The excellent electronic control makes driving too easy, and I am a little afraid that I might become a bad driver.
The lack of custom parts may be frustrating for some people.
Advice for prospective buyers It is too good a motorcycle to wonder why it is not appreciated.
It is not cheap, but the cost performance is very good as the last big motorcycle for people who have ridden many different motorcycles or as a partner for first big motorcycle riders who are not sure what they want to do with a big motorcycle.



Motive for purchase, intended use, and comparative models Purchased an additional 1400GTR because it is too heavy and 14R's left hand is tired (I am old).
Advantages/Satisfactory points  Feels light for its weight.
Kawasaki's typical style is cool!
The quick shifter is great!
Wind protection is as good as GTR
The electronic suspension works well
Disadvantages/Dissatisfactory points Engine rpm is too high. It should be the same characteristics as Ninja 1000. An unpleasant resonance sound echoes inside the helmet at 4,000~5,000 rpm.
The step position is too far forward, so when stopping, the rider has to put his foot out backward, which makes the stopping moment very uncomfortable.
If the motorcycle is not turned to some extent at low speeds, soot accumulates and the idling becomes unstable, or at worst the motorcycle stops.
Advice for prospective buyers Low power for a liter motorcycle, but great for those who want comfort.
Recommended for people over 175 tall.



Motive for purchase, intended use, and comparative models The age of the child has reached a certain point.
Having ridden H2SXSE for 3 years and fully enjoyed it.
Wanting to tour around in the style of a lord.
Wanting to ride an electronic suspension system?
These are the motives.
Advantages/Satisfactory points  Long-distance touring is comfortable and fatigue-free.
Since I switched from H2SXSE, I can't compare the driving performance, but it is fine in normal use.
It looks quite big, but it doesn't bother me much when I ride it.
Disadvantages/Dissatisfactory points The handle width is wide! (Difficult to slip through)
Difficult to store.
Fuel consumption is not as good as expected! (about AV22 for long distance)
There is a risk of falling off the vehicle.
Advice for prospective buyers It is ultra comfortable when using the cruise control at high speed
But honestly! I have to fight drowsiness!
If you don't mind the size of the motorcycle, I highly recommend it.
Skyhook suspension!
It's pretty good.

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Yamaha's Tracer 9GT, Triumph's Tiger Sport 660, BMW's F900XR and S1000XR, and the newly introduced KTM 890SMT all share the same 17-inch wheels and upright position similar to Kawasaki's Versys. The same is true of Kawasaki's Versys, which has 17-inch wheels and an upright position. There are some differences in the direction of loadability and ease of travel, but all are characterized by a character that allows the rider to enjoy winding roads.

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*Average owner satisfaction and the number of reviews are as of May 16, 2023.

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