Cross Cub 110 Goes Overseas! Chinese Version is Wilder with Semi-Block Tires!

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Honda announces the Cross Cub in China. In China, the 110cc version will be the only lineup, so there is no displacement indication in the vehicle name. The coloring and details are different, so I would like to explain them.

The Chinese version has a tandem seat and appeals to two people.

The new Cross Cub 110, with a new engine and front and rear cast-wheel suspension for 2022, debuted in China. The Cub series is well known as a global model with a total of over 100 million units sold worldwide, but this is a rare case of a Cross Cub being launched overseas.

The Cross Cub, launched in Japan in 2013, was originally a global model since it was based on the NBC110, which was used for mail delivery in Australia. However, the 2018 JA45 model did not see the same global development as the Super Cub C125 and the 2020 CT125 Hunter Cub, which debuted the same year.

That said, the 2022 JA60 model made its debut overseas a year later. It is the only Cub in China, as the Super Cub C125 and CT125 are not sold there. It is believed to have been introduced as a Japanese-style neo-classic model with a different flavor from other Cub-type underbones.

The Chinese version of the Cross Cub is equipped with a tandem seat and different types of semi-block tires, which are optional in Japan, and the PR video shows scenes of two-seater riding and driving on forest roads. The content of the video also expresses fun, and it seems to be positioned as a lifestyle product that is distinctly different from commuters.


Cross Cub China Specifications [HONDA] Like the Japanese version, this model features a new engine and front and rear cast wheels. The only difference is the reflectors on the tandem seat and license plate number.


Cross Cub 110 Japan spec [HONDA] White markings on the front fender to comply with Japanese regulations. The Japanese-spec tires are also semi-block, but the Chinese-spec tires seem to have wider grooves.


Front and rear tires and pillion seats are different from the Japanese Cross Cub 110. Disc brakes and one-channel ABS on the front wheel only are the same as the Japanese version.


The three color variations in China are yellow, green, and red, which are more settings than the two colors of blue and green in Japan. The photo shows that the model was designed with young people in mind.


Scenes of two-seaters are also used in the PR, which is probably intended for a different audience than in Japan. The price is 13,000 yuan (about 1873 USD), about 100,000 yen less than the Japanese price of (approx.) 2721.


The PR video includes scenes of forest roads and camping, and in China, where the CT125 Hunter Cub is not part of the lineup, the Cross Cub seems to cover that role as well.

Cross Cub China Specifications

Overall Length x Overall Width x Overall Height: 1931【1935】×799【795】×1108【1110】mm
Wheelbase: 1228【1230】mm
Seat height:【784】mm
Weight: 107kg
Engine: Air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder SOHC 110【109】cc
Maximum output: 8.0 PS at 7500 rpm
Maximum torque: 0.89【0.90】kg-m at 5500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 4.1L
Transmission: 4-step return
Brakes: F=disc, R=drum
Tires: F=80/90-17, R=80/90-17
Price: 13,000 yuan (about 250,000 yen)【36万3000円】
※【 】indicates Japanese specifications.