「Owners Review」To Be Honest, What do you think of the Suzuki “GSX-R1000R”

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From the Webike Community's My Bike, the "Owner Review Summary" introduces various motorcycles based on the voices of owners who actually ride or have ridden them. This time, here's what the owners have to say about     Suzuki「GSX-R1000R」.

To be honest,   Suzuki "GSX-R1000R" is this kind of bike!


A supersport model that has been developed for circuit range sports riding. The GSX-R1000R is the top-end model of such Suzuki road sports models.

The GSX-R series of Supersports models have long been sold in Japan as reimported models, but in 2017, the first Japan model in 19 years appeared with a newly designed frame.
The newly designed frame incorporates the modern race scene trend of lengthening the swingarm to increase stability, and the engine mounting position has been raised 6 degrees to extend the swingarm by 35mm.

The liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, parallel 4-cylinder, 999㏄ engine uses the SR-VVT (Broad Power System), a variable valve timing system similar to that of MotoGP machines. When the engine speed rises above approximately 10,000 rpm, the camshaft on the intake side switches from opening and closing timing which emphasizes low rpm to opening and closing timing which emphasizes high rpm. Thanks to this system, the GSX-R delivers a maximum output of 197㎰, the most powerful in the history of the GSX-R.

The electronic control equipment has also evolved dramatically in the 2017 model. Equipped with a 6-axis IMU, which is becoming essential equipment for today's high-end models, it detects the riding condition of the vehicle body every 0.004 seconds. The traction control system, ABS, and various other electronic controls are utilized.

If I write this, you may think that the GSX-R1000R is a difficult machine to ride only on race tracks, but modern Supersports machines are reasonably easy to handle on public roads as well. At least the GSX-R1000R, thanks to SR-VVT, not only offers power at high rpm, but also easy handling at low rpm, making it possible to enjoy a high-spec supersport model on public roads.

Unfortunately, as of February 2023, the GSX-R1000R is no longer produced in Japan without Euro 5 compliance. With the announcement of its withdrawal from MotoGP racing activities, it will be some time before the GSX-R1000R is revived again.

How do Webike users feel about the GSX-R1000R?



Average price of the new model: approx. 16071 USD
Used model price: approx. 13639 USD
Number of reviews: 44
Data as of March 22, 2023

Average Owner Satisfaction Rating: 3.66 out of 5 (514 persons evaluated

It should be noted that the driving performance received an almost perfect score of 4.9 points.
The engine, which is the same as that of a racing machine, and various electronic controls, as well as the output characteristics that make it easy to handle in town, seem to be the key to its favorable rating.

On the other hand, as disadvantages, almost no loadability and poor access to the ETC on-board unit were mentioned.

GSX-R1000R, Quick Summary



Just so cool!
Light and powerful
Better fuel economy than expected
Feels safe while cornering


Too much luggage capacity at any price.
I can't get used to the quick shifter
It's hard to pull out the ETC card
The steering wheel position feels too low

GSX-R1000R Owner's Voice

Here are some of the most impressive voices among the many reviews.



Motive for purchase, intended use, and comparative models I am a new rider from a 2012 Hayabusa.
I had to let go of my Hayabusa after 2 months for some reason, and I could not forget the lightness and acceleration of the GSX-R1000 (K1) I used to own (although the acceleration of the Hayabusa is also amazing).
When I learned that the GSX-R1000 was to be discontinued, I took the plunge and purchased a used 2020 GSX-R1000.
Advantages/Satisfactory points  Anyway, it is light and powerful.
It is also good for touring because it does not lean forward as much as expected.
Also, the style is GOOD.
Disadvantages/Dissatisfactory points There is only room under the pillion seat for a vehicle inspection card.
I wish the ETC was in an easily accessible location...
That's about the only complaint I have.
Advice for prospective buyers I went around to several stores when I bought it.
It seems that the used market price is also rising due to the announcement of the end of production.
If you are thinking of purchasing, please be quick because it is said to sell from a vehicle with a good degree of quality.



Motive for purchase, intended use, and comparative models  The KTM he was riding was good to ride, but it was heavy and had poor foot grounding. I was stuck on a snow-covered road on a downhill pass and had a hard time getting out of the snow.
I had a good impression of the K1 and K6 of GSX-R1000 that I had ridden before, so I chose this one.
Advantages/Satisfactory points  The exteriors are a bit gaudy for older people, but the exteriors are very beautiful.

The forward lean is not too extreme, and it is not hard to ride around town.
It is hot in the summer, but not so hot that you can't straddle it like some of its rivals.
There is no risk of getting burned on this bike.

Fuel consumption is also good. It gets about 17 km on the street.
On the highway, it gets over 20 km/h.

Disadvantages/Dissatisfactory points The engine brake may be too strong. Even when riding on a highway with constant acceleration, there are cases of sudden deceleration.

When accelerating after downshifting with an automatic shifter, there is a moment when the car starts to accelerate, just like an automatic transmission car.

The muffler is still too loud. The sound is good and I can't see any improvement in performance by replacing it, so I've given up on it.

Advice for prospective buyers It is easy to lean forward and has good foot grounding. It is so easy to ride that it is not difficult even for beginners just to move it, and we strongly feel its good balance. We are not sure if the North American version will be introduced to Japan in 2011, so if you are interested, you really don't have time to hesitate.
As long as your usage is not extreme, such as commuting in Tokyo with traffic jams, you will not lose money by buying this car.



Motive for purchase, intended use, and comparative models The model changed, and I passed on the L7 because I didn't like the color, and I liked the L8 Exter color.
I thought, "It's now or never! I bought it because I thought it was the culmination of my life.
Advantages/Satisfactory points  Light! Fast! Cool! I am in love with it. Everything is easy because of its lightweight. On top of that, I was amazed at how strong it is against crosswinds. I know this may not be very helpful since the comparison is an oil-cooled 1100. And I realized how useful the quick shifter is. I've finished the 1000 km break-in for now, but I'm keeping the rpm down to 10,000 until 1500 km. It is still fast. The engine seems to want to turn more ^_^
Disadvantages/Dissatisfactory points The only place to install the factory ETC! You have to remove the tail cowl to some extent to get the card.
(Remove one bolt on each side of the side cover, remove one bolt on each side of the main seat, remove 6 bolts and 6 clips from the tail cowl, spread it out to the left and right, and slide the key cover off).
(The rear seat can be removed with a key.) The forward-leaning position, which is tighter than its reputation (I think it depends on your height), is not a disadvantage.
Advice for prospective buyers The price of a motorcycle is 15087 USD, which is very expensive considering just the price of 15087 USD, but it is so fun and wonderful that you will forget that when you drive it.
Above all, it has lightness, power, and handling! Of course, the power is not fully utilized, but it does not matter. You need to get used to the position, but the handling is easy to get used to, the lightness is a source of comfort, and the various electronic controls make touring a breeze. The rear seat is small and requires some ingenuity, but it can carry a seat bag.
It is a pretty good all-around vehicle for an SS, and I don't think you will regret buying it, especially if you are a Suzuki enthusiast.

Check out the GSX-R1000R's competitors

The GSX-R1000R's rivals will naturally be the 1000cc class Supersports from other manufacturers. All of the latest supersport models are equipped with electronic control systems such as throttle-by-wire and 6-axis IMU.

For reference, Honda's CBR1000RR-R Fireblade has 218 PS and costs 2.42 million yen, Yamaha's YZF-R1 has 200 PS and costs 2.365 million yen, and Kawasaki's Ninja ZX-10R has 203 PS and costs 2.31 million yen. Incidentally, the GSX-R1000R has 197PS and costs 2,156,000 yen. Although there are some differences in equipment from rivals, such as the availability of electronic suspension, the GSX-R1000R is the most affordable in its class.

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*Average owner satisfaction and the number of reviews are as of March 23, 2023.



Average Owner Satisfaction: 3.55 (218 people rated)
Average price of a new model: (approx.) 21879 USD
Average used model price: (approx.) 20923 USD
Number of reviews: 14



Average Owner Satisfaction: 3.41 (1,784 people rated)
Average price of a new model: (approx.) 17518 USD
Average used model price: (approx.) 8498 USD
Number of reviews: 330



Average Owner Satisfaction: 3.51 (1,099 people rated)
Average price of a new model: (approx.) 18203 USD
Average used model price: (approx.) 9299 USD
Number of reviews: 143