Yamaha Releases「YZ Series」2023 Models for Cross-Country Competition

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Yamaha has announced the launch of the 2023 model year for a total of four models in its YZ series of cross-country competition models, the YZ450FX, YZ250FX, YZ250X, and YZ125X, each with a different displacement. Starting with the 2022 model year, the YZ125X in particular will feature optimized compression ratios, YPVS, and CDI units designed specifically for cross-country models, as well as increased engine output. The YZ250X has also undergone improvements to optimize the YPVS and front and rear suspension settings.
The YZ250FX, YZ250X, and YZ125X will be released on Monday, October 31, 2022, and the YZ450FX on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

Model name Release Date Manufacturer's suggested retail price in USD (tax included)
YZ450FX November 30, 2022 (approx.) 7765
YZ250FX October 31, 2022 (approx.) 6770
YZ250X (approx.) 5476
YZ125X (approx.) 5175

YZ125X underwent major changes

The YZ125X, which has undergone a major model change, maintains the high-revving power of the 2022 model's YZ125 engine while thoroughly pursuing the easy handling at low and mid-revving ranges required for cross-country riding where the rider encounters a variety of road conditions such as woods, gullies, muddy terrain, and dirt. Special parts were used for the cylinder head, YPVS Yamaha Power Valve System, and CDI unit, and the carburetor was also specially set up.

Functional parts such as the cylinder body, pistons, connecting rods, crankcase, carbon reed valve V-FORCE4R, chambers, and transmission gears with wider teeth in response to high power are common to the 2022 model YZ125.
In addition, the intake method is the same as the 2022 model with a straight rearward intake, resulting in a sense of extension at high rpm and excellent over-rev characteristics.

Both front and rear suspensions have been specially set up and manufactured by KYB. With an emphasis on ease of use for debut riders, the suspension has been optimized to provide stable operation with a damping feel, pursuing characteristics suitable for the long hours and various sections of cross-country riding required. The damping mechanism of the front fork uses leaf springs to provide excellent damping force even in situations where the suspension moves slowly. In addition, a new scraper is interwoven between the dust seal and oil seal to scrape off mud, enhancing seal protection performance.



Manufacturer's suggested retail price: approx. 5170 USD (tax included)





Manufacturer's suggested retail price: approx. 5475 USD (tax included)




Main Specifications (YZ125X, YZ250X)

Specs YZ125X YZ250X
Total length (mm) 2155 2185
Overall width (mm) 825
Overall height (mm) 1285 1285
Seat height (mm) 970 975
Weight (kg) 96 104
Engine type Water-cooled 2-stroke
Engine displacement (cm3) 124 249
Fuel tank capacity (L) 7.0
Transmission type Permanent engagement type 6-step return Permanent engagement type 5-step return
F tire 80/100-24 51M (tube) 80/100-21 51M (tube)
R Tire 110/100-18 64M (tube) 110/100-18 64M (tube)

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