Carburetor Maintenance & Cleaning Methods Depend on the Situation. Is it Mild or Severe?

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Often, idling becomes unstable or start-up becomes poor because the engine has not been ridden for a while, even though it used to run fine from the time the engine was started. The procedure is to practice maintenance from the very beginning. There is no need to completely overhaul the carburetor from the beginning.
Here is a case study of carburetor maintenance.

High performance chemical specially designed for carburetors




Warm up the engine after starting it. Then start maintenance. Let's do the maintenance without removing the carburetor or taking it apart in a big way. The cleaning method is to spray chemicals from the outside to the inside. First, spray chemicals from the fuel tube instead of fuel. Next, remove the air cleaner pipe and the air filter, and spray it into the multi-hole slow airport and the main airport located near the intake of the carburetor.
After a few minutes, start the engine. Then the carburetor cleaner will burn and white smoke will spew out of the exhaust system. If the motorcycle is obviously not blowing well, you can try spraying the nozzle of the chemical on the affected area while starting the engine & lightly blowing air.

Easily disassembled top cover peripheral parts




The throttle valve incorporates a needle called a jet needle, and dirt on the surface of this needle can significantly reduce engine blowing. Air funnel vehicles can absorb moisture and corrode the needle needle needle without being noticed. After pulling out the throttle valve, try wiping the surface of the needle with a rag. If it feels rough, dirty, rusty, or otherwise uncomfortable, try polishing the surface with a fine bonstar. When you pull out the throttle valve, if the outer circumference of the valve is sticky or there is a rotten fuel smell, you can judge that the condition is not good. In such cases, the carburetor should be disassembled for maintenance.

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Yamaha has been active in selling various maintenance chemicals since the 1970s. There are numerous good products that are easy to use. Currently, they are sold by Wise Gear as Yamalube brand products. We have absolute confidence in the Super Carburetor Cleaner undiluted type.

The thicker the better! It's not just a matter of




Read the instruction manual carefully when using the product. First, shake the sealed can thoroughly to mix the chemicals. Next, prepare a female cylinder and make a cleaning solution with fresh fuel 7 to undiluted type 3.
If the fuel is old or the ratio of undiluted chemicals is increased, the cleaning power will decrease. After cleaning, the chemical-in-fuel should be stored in a container and used when cleaning engine parts and other parts.


The inside of the float chamber, which was dirty with sticky deteriorated fuel, can be revived clean by soaking it in fuel mixed with Super Carburetor Cleaner. The time required depends on the type of dirt, but it takes 2 to 3 hours. For severe dirt, brushing while soaking will remove it well. Remove rubber parts when cleaning. If the tip of the float valve is a rubber part, soak a rag with a cleaning solution and wipe it off.


Point 1 - Even brief maintenance is often a pleasant experience. 

Point 2 - Spray chemicals alone can make a strong showing.

Point 3 - Last resort is disassembly and cleaning, that's for sure.

When a carburetor malfunction is detected, it is recommended that maintenance be performed without disassembling the carburetor first, rather than suddenly starting a complete disassembly and overhaul. When a motorcycle is run on a regular basis, a small amount of dirt accumulates over the years, and it often goes out of tune before long. In such cases, it is possible to spray chemicals on the intake venturi of the carburetor body and the holes and passages near the venturi while the engine is running to remove dirt while the engine is running.

If the condition does not improve, remove the throttle valve, spray chemicals directly into the fuel passages, the main and pilot passages inside the venturi, and the main and slow air passages on the intake side, let it sit for a while, reassemble it, and pour fresh fuel into it before starting the engine. Let's start the engine. By leaving it for a while after spraying, accumulated sludge is often broken down and dissolved by the power of the chemical, and the condition is often restored.  After the engine is started, the chemicals will burn and form white smoke, which will be discharged from the exhaust system. Therefore, when starting the engine, work in a well-ventilated area and keep the engine running at a speed that will not stall the engine until no more white smoke is produced.

If the condition of the motorcycle does not improve after such work, the only way is to disassemble and maintain it. Wise Gear's Super Carburetor Cleaner undiluted type is a super chemical used by the staff of this magazine. The main feature of this product is that it is mixed with fuel. In fact, we had previously soaked various types of jets in the undiluted solution, but even after soaking the main jet, which was black and dirty, for three hours, the dirt was not removed.
When we used the cleaner solution mixed with fresh fuel at the dilution rate as described in the instruction manual, the black main jet was restored to the golden color characteristic of brass after about three hours of soaking.
Even the dirt in the jet's internal passages had been removed. The high performance of this cleaner is truly a proven fact.