The 60th Anniversary Model of the YZF-R25 and YZF-R3 is Now Available with New Colors in Japan.

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Yamaha will be making some minor changes to the supersport “YZF-R25 ABS” and it will be released on May 25, 2022. Additionally, the “YZF-R25 ABS WGP 60th Anniversary” is colored to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its participation in the Road Racing World Championship. It will be released on July 12, with a limited number of 240 units. Also, the “YZF-R3 ABS” with a capacity of 320㏄ will be released on June 15 with a limited edition WGP 60th Anniversary Edition.

The 2022 model year “YZF-R25” has a few changes and 60th anniversary of joining the WGP.


The 2022 model has engine performance that meets 2020 emissions requirements and uses flashing LED lights at the front and rear. A quick shifter setup that supports agile and fluid operation is also available as an optional accessory. First, as the “YZF-R25”, the coloring is assigned to three colors.: blue, black, and orange.

“YZF-R25 ABS WGP 60th Anniversary” is Yamaha Racing's original paint scheme, featuring the pattern of the 1980 YZR500 as well as the WGP 60th Anniversary emblem, gold wheels, black brake levers / Yellow clutch lever. Rear suspension spring adopted.

Price: approx. 5,382 USD
Release date: May 25
Color: Blue, Black, Orange

YZF-R25 WGP 60th Anniversary
Price: approx. 5,398 USD (limited to 240 units)
Release date: July 12




The YZF-R3 adds to the 60th anniversary of joining the WGP.


The YZF-R3's 60th anniversary of joining the WGP is subject to the same changes as the YZF-R25, such as compliance with the 2020 emissions regulations for engine performance. Also, the use of flashing LEDs before and after a quick shifter that supports gear shifting is also an optional setting. No changes have been made to the regular version of the YZF-R3.

YZF-R3 ABS WGP 60th Anniversary
Price: approx. 5656 USD (limited to 240 units)
Release date: June 15

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