The Key to a No Regrets Rebel 250 Custom is to Pursue Functional Beauty with Quality and Rigidity!

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Rebel 250 (249cc)
Owner: Urien

From among MY BIKES posted in the Webike community, here is "Urien's" current motorcycle, a Rebel 250.

To be honest, Honda's Rebel 250 has been selling far better than other models, and its appeal is backed up by various factors, such as its "good foot grounding and easy handling even for small riders" and "almost no rivals in the 250 cc class. However, riders are well aware of the fact that the appeal of a motorcycle cannot be simply defined by its "good foot grounding" or "lack of rivals".

So why is Rebel 250 so popular? Perhaps it is because it is an excellent tool. A good tool or machine has inevitability in its design and is full of "functional beauty". Or, in traditional terms, it can be called "beauty of use," which deepens as it is used in daily life.

Urien's Rebel 250, which he names "Twin Rebel," is usually used for commuting and daily use. The OEM Rebel 250 is easy to use, but Urien has added a carrier, a drivetrain recorder, heated grips, and other quality features. However, the exterior of the motorcycle is not so much "I'm customizing it! The matte color of the Rebel's design is still the same, with the same innovative look that blends in with the rest of the motorcycle. The Rebel 250 is easy to get along with and can be used in daily life, which is probably why it enhances the "functional beauty"! The unpretentious coolness of Urien's Rebel 250 is austere.

At a quick glance, the Rebel 250 S Edition is OEM. Although it has not been heavily customized, the backrest and carrier are well equipped. The parts are matte black as much as possible, and the brown seat accentuates the calm atmosphere. From touring to shopping, this is a style that can be used anywhere.


Parts such as hand guards and smartphone mounts are also blacked out. The handguards, which are very useful in winter riding, tend to make the motorcycle look like a "chubby motorcycle," but the minimal size of the handguards makes them look very comfortable.

Motive for purchase
I fell in love with it after seeing it at an Enjoy Honda event a few years ago.
The rider is included in the style, and the figure of the rider driving with a hunched back is like a rebellion against the standard style of cruisers that used to be the hunched-back style!
No particular complaints.
The distance to the handlebars, which is also a concern, is not a concern if the driver is hunched over with a knee grip.
Advice for prospective buyers
It would be a great first motorcycle to have after getting your license.
Basically, the posture of the catalog model is the coolest, but if you feel that the handlebars are too far away or if you are concerned about your hunched posture, you should consider replacing the handlebars.
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