TERAMOTO EZ-SHiFTER Series Continues to Expand! Original Product Line Created by Racing Experience [WMCS2022]

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New features for EZ-SHiFTER to make touring more comfortable

TERAMOTO's "EZ-SHiFTER" enables gear changes without having to operate the clutch.
The optimal program for each motorcycle model has been introduced to significantly reduce the impact of gear changes. A specially designed magnetic sensor shifter switch is also available for smooth gear changes.

TERAMOTO will add a new optional feature to this EZ-SHiFTER. In the development of the "EZ-Cruise" speed control system, emphasis was placed on smooth speed adjustment as well as functionality and operability. It is also equipped with a re-acceleration function and can be driven comfortably in all road conditions. The "EZ-Limiter" also allows for safe and smooth driving in situations that require speed adjustments at low speeds, such as ETC lanes.


Designed exclusively for the motorcycle model, so it can be used immediately after installation. The setting can be changed with a communication device (sold separately).

The shifter switch uses a highly durable magnetic sensor. TERAMOTO's racing rider, Koji Teramoto, has tested the product many times during its commercialization.
Price: approx. 508 USD and up


A lineup that makes driving even more comfortable and safe

EZ-SHiFTER (Quick Shifter) Option
EZ Cruise
Fits: Ninja ZX-25R, MT-09
Price: approx. 447 USD and up

EZ Cruise + EZ Limiter Set
Fits: Ninja ZX-25R, MT-09
Price: approx. 601 USD


A cruise controller that maintains a constant speed without gas pedal operation. Tested for every possible situation on the street to ensure smooth speed adjustment. Operability and safety are also thoroughly pursued. LED indicator lamps light up when activated, and the control switches are machined.

EZ Limiter
Fits: Z900RS, Ninja ZX-25R, MT-09
Price: approx. 292 USD

EZ Cruise + EZ Limiter Set
Fits: Ninja ZX-25R, MT-09
Price: approx. 601 USD


Speed adjustment at low speeds requires subtle gas pedal control. This limiter limits the speed to 45 km/h, so there is no need to worry about contact with bars or distance from following vehicles, for example, in ETC lanes, and the jerkiness at low speeds is eliminated. It is also set so that the motorcycle will not start suddenly when the limiter is released.


The classic T-REV is now compact in price and size

The standard product that achieves 25% downsizing & 43% weight reduction
T-REV mini
Color: black, gold, titanium
Price: approx. 118 USD

The T-REVmini has a single reed valve and a smaller body to balance with the crankcase capacity. The color lineup will be 3 colors.

Model-specific mounting hose kit and bracket kit are also available!

T-REVmini SP Kit Series
Fits: Hunter Cub CT125, Cross Cub CC110, GROM, Monkey 125, Super Cub C125
Color: black, gold, titanium Price: approx. 177 USD

T-REV reduces pumping loss in the engine by releasing crankcase internal pressure for smoother acceleration and deceleration. The T-REV mini for motorcycles with a single or 2-cylinder engine of 250㏄ or less includes kits for popular models such as the Hunter Cub, Cross Cub, and Grom (MSX-125). The kit comes with the necessary hoses and brackets for installation and can be bolted on.

Written and photos by Kenji Natsume

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