Harley-Davidson Launches New Sportster Series Model ‘NIGHTSTER’, Available for Pre-order!

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Harley-Davidson Japan has announced the launch of the new NIGHTSTER model. The model, which is part of the Sportster series, follows the classic, traditional design of the series. In addition, it incorporates the latest model elements such as round air intake covers, solo seat and chopped wings. It was introduced on 13 April (Wednesday), with reservations starting at authorized Harley-Davidson dealers in Japan, priced at around 14,792 USD for the Redline Red and Gunship Grey models, and around 14,555 USD for the Vivid Black model. Deliveries are scheduled to start sequentially from May 2022 onwards.


Classic form combined with the latest functionality and design

The engine is a liquid-cooled V-twin Revolution Max 975T with a displacement of 975 cc and maximum torque of 95 Nm. The chassis is lighter than the Sportster S, weighing 221 kg, while maintaining rigidity by eliminating part of the conventional frame.

Maximum permissible speed 7,500 rpm, maximum torque 95Nm, compression ratio 12:1, is powered by the powerful new liquid-cooled V-twin Revolution Max 975T. The airbox cover is round and inherits the classic Sportster design.

The cockpit is equipped with a 4-inch analog speedometer with an inlaid multi-function LCD display and full LED headlights. The rider can also select a riding mode, and can change at any time between Sport mode for intuitive performance riding, Road mode for everyday use and Rain mode for safety in bad weather conditions.

The lights are fully LED and the headlights are equipped with short covers.

The meter is a round model with a diameter of 4 inches. A multi-function LCD display is also used for visibility.

Electronic control is not limited to driving modes, but is also included in the "Rider Safety Enhancement" safety technology. ABS is standard equipment for emergency braking control. The Cornering Traction Control System (TCS) prevents the rear wheel from spinning during acceleration, and the Drag Torque Slip Control System (DSCS) prevents rear wheel slip caused by engine braking, providing an even higher level of safety performance.

In addition to ABS, advanced electronic controls such as "TCS" and "DSCS" are used for safety. This supports safe riding.

Compared to the Sportster S launched last year, the Sportster S has a more heritage design with a round headlight and teardrop tank, but it is equipped with the latest elements.

The lightweight chassis and torquey engine emphasize comfort at medium and low speeds. The mid-control step position and low-rise handlebar provide a comfortable posture and minimize fatigue. An internal balancer reduces vibration.


Red Line Red

Manufacturer's suggested retail price: approx. 14,792 USD- (tax included)





Gunship Gray

Manufacturer's suggested retail price: approx. 14,792 USD - (tax included)


Vivid Black

Manufacturer's suggested retail price: aprox.14,555 USD - (tax included)


Main Specifications

Overall length (mm) 2,250
Distance between axes (mm) 1,545
Seat height (mm) 705
Weight (kg) 221
Engine type RevolutionMax 975T water-cooled 60 degree V-twin
Total displacement (cc) 975
Maximum torque (N-m) 95
Fuel tank capacity (L) 11.7
Tire Front 100/90-19 57H
Rear 150/80B16 77H
Brake Front Single hydraulic disc
Rear Single hydraulic disc

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