YSS SUSPENSION: A Wide Range of Lineup Covering from Track to Street [WMCS2022]

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Performance and durability have been proven in numerous races

The appeal of YSS suspension is its carefully selected materials. Furthermore, the quality of the products is carefully assembled in-house under thorough quality control. Its performance and durability have been proven in the JP250MFJ Cup Championship held in conjunction with the All Japan Road Race, where YSS has been the champion for three consecutive years since 2019, as well as in numerous endurance races. Another appealing feature is the wide lineup of products that can be used on Japanese and foreign models, regardless of the genre of the motorcycle. The lineup ranges from high-end models equipped with full adjusters to simple basics to meet the diverse needs of users. If you are currently unsure about the choice of rear suspension for your motorcycle, why not check out YSS Suspension?


Fitting: ZX25R
Price including tax: around 1,690 USD

Large-capacity, the high-rigidity big body developed for racing is adopted. Fully equipped with adjustable functions, allowing for settings under a variety of conditions. Includes 2 springs for setup.

Preload adjuster for spring initials can be selected from pneumatic or hydraulic type. Quick setup without the need for tools. Top-out spring type.

Compression damping has 2 systems, high speed (red) and low speed (black), each with 30 levels of adjustment. The rebound damping system uses a thermo-needle with 30 levels of adjustment. A wide range of fine damping settings is possible.

The rear ride-height adjustment mechanism, which can be extended by up to 10 mm, is useful for adjusting body posture. The rod ends of the suspension body employ bearings for smooth movement.


Fitting: Z900RS '18-
Price including tax: around 1,234 USD

The All-Billet body and reserve tank are connected by a mesh hose, and the mounting position of the reserve tank can be freely changed.

Compression side damping has 2 systems, high speed (red) and low speed (black), with 30 levels of adjustment for both rebound and compression side damping. Fine damping settings can be made to suit various situations.

No tools are required for initial adjustment due to the use of hydraulic preload.

Extensive lineup covering even old models


Fitting: RZ250R '83-'88
Price: around 439.47 USD

One of the attractions of YSS suspension is its extensive lineup that covers both the latest models and older vehicles. The photo shows the RZ250R. This orthodox model has simple looks and is equipped with rebound damping adjustment, spring preload, and a vehicle adjustment mechanism.



Fitting: GB350
Price: around 549 USD

The photo is for GB350; the Z series is positioned as the basic among the YSS suspension twin shocks. It has simple looks and is equipped with a 30-level rebound damping adjustment, spring preload, and a motorcycle tuning mechanism. The 4 other series are also available in the lineup. They range from high-end models to basic models to match the personality and usage of the motorcycles.

Performance and durability have been proven in numerous races


YSS suspension is developed as "the best suspension that can win on the track". YSS has won the JP250 MFJ Cup Championship in the All Japan Road Race for 3 consecutive years (2019, 2020, and 2021), and has also contributed to victories in numerous endurance races with its stable performance and durability. Its quality has been proven.

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