Special Parts TAKEGAWA Fully Dressing Up the Famous Rebel 250 [WMCS2022]

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Greatly upgraded in quality and usability

SP TAKEGAWA, renowned for its 4mini parts, customized the most popular Rebel 250 in the light motorcycle class. From daily use to weekend touring, SP TAKEGAWA has created a more convenient and higher quality machine.

The unique leg bumpers, which are particularly eye-catching, not only serve as engine guards but also provide wind protection to the lower half of the body by attaching the included shield. In addition, an optional action cam and plastic bottle holder can be attached to the straight portion of the pipe, and an exclusive LED fog lamp is also available.


In addition to practical parts such as speedometer controllers, SSS exhaust systems, and tachometers that only TAKEGAWA can provide, STD items such as carriers, side bag support, and various other accessories have been added with unique innovations to the lineup. The lineup covers every need.

Windscreen Kit (Handlebar Clamp Type)

Price including tax: 109.48 USD

A medium-sized (H430 mm x W440 mm) windscreen with a simple shape that makes extensive use of curved surfaces and just enough to cover the upper half of the body from the neck down. The brackets are of the handlebar clamp type that can be sturdily fixed.

Click here for SP TAKEGAWA Windscreen Kit

Leg Bumper & Shield Kit (Black)

Price including tax: Approx. 313 USD

Reduces damage to the engine and change pedal in the event of a minor fall. Wind protection can be obtained by attaching the attached shield. A plastic bottle holder (sold separately) can be attached to the straight portion of the bumper.

LED Fog Light Kit 3.0 (950) (for models equipped with leg bumper and shield kit)

Price including tax: Approx. 118 USD

LED fog light kit to be installed on SP TAKEGAWA leg bumpers. Since it is an exclusive product, it can be installed with a simple wiring process. It improves safety by simultaneously increasing visibility when driving at night and visibility from other motorcycles.

Speedometer Controller (SM-CON)

Price including tax: 142.18 USD

The controller corrects speed display discrepancies that occur when changing tire brand or size, or when changing the number of sprockets. Easy coupler-on installation and settings can be made via a wirelessly connected smartphone or tablet.

Click here for the Speedometer Controller SM-CON

Rear Carrier

Price including tax: Approx. 138 USD

This high-strength rear carrier achieves an allowable load capacity of 10 kg or less and is equipped with grab bars on both sides. It has a wide carrier shape that can also accommodate a top case, and is equipped with cargo hooks that are indispensable when using a touring net.

Touring Bag S (Black)

Price including tax: 42.04 USD

One-whole structured side bag with a maximum capacity of approx. 5 liters and an allowable load capacity of 1.5 kg. It is built with reinforcing plates to prevent it from losing its shape. The bag has 3 net accessory compartments inside, and comes with a shoulder sling and rain protection cap.

Click here for SP TAKEGAWA Touring Bag S

Side Bag Support LR Set (Black Paint)

Price including tax: Approx. 173 USD

Parts to secure clearance with the vehicle and prevent entrapment when installing touring bags, etc. It features belt-through holes that can also be used as cargo hooks and a design that enhances style.

SSS Exhaust System (Sports Star Special) (Japan Government Certified)

Price including tax: Approx. 508 USD

Slip-on silencer with American style motif. The silencer is finished in black, the end caps are machined silver aluminum, and the protectors are black anodized.

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