Lotto Le Mans! Predict the Rank, Win Webike Points!

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FIM EWC 24 Hours of Le Mans x Webike

FIM EWC 24 Hours of Le Mans will take place on the BUGATTI CIRCUIT at Le Mans, France on 16th to 17th April. We, Webike Japan as the official sponsor, are going to hold "Lotto Le Mans!" event where you can predict the rank by teams or manufacturers on each section we set on FIM EWC 24 Hours of Le Mans and win Webike Points!

Let's go predict the rank!

Race Schedule

24 hours of Le Mans will start from 15:00 o’clock CEST(Central European Summer Time:UTC+2) 16th of April to the next 15:00 o’clock on the 17th.

Information of the BUGATTI CIRCUIT

Length of the circuit: 4.185 kilometres
Duration of the race: 24 hours
The ACO held its first bike race in September 1912, long before the Bugatti Circuit’s inauguration in September 1966 with a track length of 4.422 kilometres. Using a portion of the Circuit de La Sarthe, including the famous start/finish straight, the Dunlop Esses and the Ford Chicane, plus a more twisty infield section, the first endurance race for motorbikes on the Bugatti Circuit took place in 1969, while the current track layout of 4.185 kilometres has been in use since 2008. As well as hosting the EWC, the Bugatti Circuit is home to the Grand Prix de France MotoGP event.

Best laps in EWC

In the race
1’36.408 - Team SRC Kawasaki France - Randy de Puniet in 2017

Winner 2021

Yoshimura SERT Motul (Gregg Black, Xavier Siméon, Sylvain Guintoli), 855 laps.

Teams competing at 24 Hours of Le Mans 2022

8 different models of supersports from HONDA, YAMAHA, KAWASAKI, SUZUKI, BMW, DUCATI and Aprilia. More information on teams can be found at Competing Team List as well as Provisional Entry Team List.
The team list will be published around April 13 CEST.

Broadcasting of 24 Hours of Le Mans

Click Here

Predict the rank and Win Webike Points

We offer 300 Webike points for your perticipation of this event.
Furthermore, there are 5 Chances in this lotto. Predict the rankings at each section, and points will be increased as the number of correct answer you gave.
Chance 1 to Chance 4 are worth 300 points, and 500 points are awarded for correct answers to Chance 5.

For example,
if you give 1 correct answer, you'll get 300 (300 x 1) Webike points besides 300 points for participation.
if you give 2 correct answers, you'll get 600 (300 x 2) Webike points besides 300 points for participation.

Make sure you vote before the time goes out!

"Countdown Timer" below is set to the goal time of the race, 15:00 17th of Apr. CEST(Central European Summer Time:UTC+2) and we set this time as "T". When CHANCE 1's deadline is "T-minus 2 days", it means the answer have to be submitted 2 days before the end of the race and before the time passes "2 days".


Chance # Contents Answer Deadline Predict
CHANCE1 Predict which manufacture will get the pole position? T-minus 2 days Click Here
CHANCE2 Predict which manufacturer will be in the 1st place after 12 hours? T-minus 18 hours Click Here
CHANCE3 Predict which manufacturer will win the race in SST category? T-minus 3 hours Click Here
CHANCE4 Predict which manufacturer will win the race in EWC category? T-minus 3 hours Click Here
CHANCE5 Which Place will Webike SRC Kawasaki France TRICKSTAR finish? T-minus 3 hours Click Here


Event result

Chance # Number of winner Total Winning point
1 4 1,200 pt.
2 4 1,200 pt.
3 1 300 pt.
4 5 1,500 pt.
5 0 0 pt.

Event rule and regulations

  • To participate, you need to have a Webike Japan account.
  • Point will be issued to customers by Apr. 20th.
  • Point issued on this promotion will expire at the end of Jul. 19th 2022.
  • Only official final result is used to decide who is the winner, not provisional ranking.
  • Once the final result is posted, it's a done deal. No further correction will affect the result.
  • ※Due to reason above, there is a possibility that our result may differ from EWC official result.
  • Due to reasons such as race interruptions, time changes, or suspended, part or all of the ranking event may not be established.
  • You will need to access to Google form to submit your answer.
  • One entry for each participant. If multiple entries are detected, we will take the very first submission to be the answer. In addition, participants can not change the vote once submitted.
  • Webike Japan is the official partner of the 2019-2022 season of the FIM EWC Motorcycle Endurance World Championship. (This promotion is brought to you by Webike Japan).
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