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Honda Super Cub C125 Review

I will introduce "Owner Review Summary", a collection of reviews based on the voices of owners who have actually ridden various motorcycles from the Webike Community's My Bike.
In this issue, I would like to share with you the real voice of the owner about the "C125"!

What kind of motorcycle is the Super Cub C125!

The Super Cub is the origin of Honda's and Japan's motorcycle. It is a real and purely Japanese motorcycle that has been nurtured by Japanese roots, people, and work. It could be described as the son of Mr. Soichiro Honda. This Cub is no longer a part of the Japanese landscape so much as it is a part of its performance. It is a motorcycle that has been improved by Japanese to suit Japanese users. It is exactly the same idea as European motorcycles being designed to blend in with the European ambience!

The Super Cub C125 is the one that highlights the beauty of such a Cub. As can be seen from the "C" that was attached to the motorcycle's name in its early days, it features a body design that is typical of the C-type. However, it is also clad in modern equipment such as spoke wheels, LED lights, and LCD panels, all of which are perfectly balanced. If it were classified into a category, it would be neo-classical, but the beauty of the C125 does not fit into that term. It has the feel of Japanese food served at a high-class ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant).

The most important feature is the engine: the 125cc engine is torqueful than other Cubs and can keep up with the flow of traffic on public roads. 2021 model year, the engine has been improved to deliver more horsepower and better fuel economy.

Let's see what Webike users have to say. Aside from the styling, fuel efficiency is also highly rated. The engine seems to have torque and is easy to handle on public roads.

In addition, since the engine is a torque-type engine rather than a horsepower-type engine, it does not seem to extend very far at high rpm. This area is notable for its opinion of more power. This opinion is from before the improvement, so perhaps the improvement of the current model was based on this opinion. Many people also complain about the small fuel tank capacity. This may be a styling priority and cannot be helped, but many Cub users are also fierce long touring riders, so this may be an issue to be addressed in the future.

The C125 can be summed up in one word: "original scenery". It is now an object of art. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is the No. 1 motorcycle that you would like to have at the eaves of your house. Even if you had enough money to own a Ferrari, this is the motorcycle you would want.

Summary of the Super Cub C125


  • Overwhelmingly high fuel efficiency
  • With front disc brake for higher safety.
  • Power and torque to keep up with the flow on public roads


  • Low fuel tank capacity
  • Leg shields are difficult to remove.
  • Light torque at low speeds

Foot grounding


About 60% of riders in the 166-170 cm height range reported that the Super Cub C125 has " firm or better" foot grounding.

Super Cub C125 Owner's Review

Mr. Ginpei


Mr. Ginpei Review
Motive for purchase, purpose of use, comparative models When I was looking for my next model after giving up my two JA07s, I happened to be motivated to purchase and acquire a C125 when I saw that it could be made into a spoked version. I compared it with the CT125, but I chose this one because of its style, lightness and power."
Pros / Satisfactions It's nice because no one else in the neighborhood rides it (about 1.4 times the price of the C110). The maximum displacement for a moped 2 and the horsepower makes it easy to go up hills. Disc brakes are still good!
Cons / Dissatisfaction The fuel tank is small. The price of each part is expensive. Rear fender and exhaust system too expensive. No more orders as new models are coming out. Unlike the JA07, there are a lot of painted parts to take care of.
Advice for prospective buyers If you want the unit, please consider it now, as it is already unavailable for obtaining a purchase order for the motorcycle. I was a little confused about the smart key. I can get used to it. Will the next model have ABS as standard?

Mr. AG


Mr. AG Review
Motive for purchase, purpose of use, comparative models I had been interested in this motorcycle ever since it was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show, but I didn't like the coloring and had to pass it up. When the new color Pearl Cadet Gray was released in 2019, I immediately made a reservation and had the motorcycle delivered on the day it was released.
Pros / Satisfactions Styling and equipment. Heritage design is becoming popular among large motorcycles, and the Super Cub C125 is a moped version of this design. I like the fact that it has full LED lights, disc brakes, cast wheels, and other features that make up for the Cub's shortcomings, while still retaining its atmosphere.
Cons / Dissatisfaction The cowl is difficult to remove. The cowl is not well made, and most of the claws are not tight enough, so you have to be very careful to break the claws. I wish the rear brake was a disc brake anyway. Also, if the fuel tank were larger, it would extend the range of the motorcycle and make touring more enjoyable.
Advice for prospective buyers It's a bit pricey, but if you think about customizing the suspension later, it's definitely a bargain. It looks unique but not flashy, so I recommend it for business and formal occasions. You can read more about it on my blog, so please come and take a look. Here-> https://supercub-c125.com/

Mr. Xiù Papa


Mr. Xiù Papa Review
Motive for purchase, purpose of use, comparative models Motivation: I rode my commuter Dio110 (JF31) for 35,000 km in 9 years, but I felt insufficient hill climbing ability and considered replacing it. I had planned to buy a PCX or NMAX, but the best-selling scooters change models so often that they seem to become obsolete quickly. I wanted to ride it for a long time if possible, so I decided on a Cub that I would be able to ride even after 10 years (until retirement).
Purpose of use: Commuting, touring (solo, pillion touring)
Comparison models: PCX, NMAX, GSX-S125, CT125
Pros / Satisfactions In commuting, which is my main use, I feel that the fuel consumption is great; I refuel every 3 round trips (180km in total) as with the JF31, but I refuel about 1L less. Zero acceleration is faster than that of the scooter, but it is enough to lead the motorcycle. It is also capable of leading the flow of traffic on bypass roads. The torque is much higher even with pillion riding, and it accelerates quickly up hills where the Dio would stall and only go 3-40km. The appearance is neo-classic. It's a Cub, but it has a quality feel to it.
Cons / Dissatisfaction - The fuel tank capacity is low. 5 liters would allow me to refuel once a week instead of every 3 days.
- There are too many claw joints on the plastic exterior, and the claw joints around the handle are not strong enough. Screws would be better.
- I would like to have a preload adjustable rear suspension, just two steps.
- The center of gravity is too high.
Advice for prospective buyers The torque control during assembly is inappropriate, probably because the motorcycle is manufactured in a factory outside of Japan, and no grease is applied to prevent rust. The front and rear wheels, rear suspension, swingarm pivot, etc. should be removed, greased, and retorqued to the proper torque.

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