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I have taken the liberty of picking out the "best" review from the period of January 8, 2021, to January 14, 2022, from the reviews that continue to increase every day, and I would like to introduce this to you!

Pick-up review

Essential for chain maintenance

Rating: ★★★


[Reason for purchase]
When I used to ride a Hornet, I used to do a lot of maintenance myself, so I used a maintenance stand, but since I switched to the CBR, I've been leaving everything but basic maintenance to the store, so I bought this stand to try out since my friend was using a DAYTONA stand.

[Review after using]
As long as you don't put the positioning of the part that touches the ground in a weird way, it will lift up surprisingly easily. I was able to use it without any problems, even if the ground was a bit slippery or uneven. It lifted my CBR650R (a little over 200kg) and was very stable, so I could do chain maintenance with ease. When not in use, it can be folded up and become quite compact, which is very helpful for carrying and storing.

[Points of concern]
If the ground is not asphalt but slippery concrete, it may slip and not lift up at all, so it is recommended to do maintenance on the rugged ground like asphalt. I said it was easy to get up, but it still requires a certain amount of strength, so I wouldn't recommend it for women.

[Overall rating]
This stand was all I needed for chain maintenance, or to wash my motorcycle! For those of you who use it to do more other maintenance stuff, you'll probably find it easier to buy a maintenance stand! Personally, I found it easy to use and very convenient.


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Floating State


Floating State


If you have a maintenance stand (racing stand), your maintenance will improve a lot, so buy this product! I've heard a lot of users talking about the idea of using a stand, but it's expensive, it's a hassle when it's not in use, and there's always the fear of knocking it over when using a maintenance stand.

Besides, there are many users who rarely do any serious maintenance, and ask the store to do such maintenance for them. The most important things for the "average user" should be "wheel cleaning" and "chain lubrication"!

This simple stand is all you need to perform such simple maintenance. If you don't want to do any serious maintenance on your motorcycle, this is perfect for you!

It's not easy to give a product review, but this was a great review that accurately captured the features of the product. The closer you hang it to the back end of the swingarm, the lighter it will lift! (From Webike staff: Kadowaki)


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