IXON Launches Japanese Website, Reveals Lineup and Retailers

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IXON, a French motorcycle apparel brand, has launched its website in Japanese, showing the concept and world view of IXON, product information, and sales outlets. In the future, the company plans to add a news page and a shopping page.

IXON Japanese Website


Main contents
IXON Brand
Product Introduction
Introduction of Top Athletes
Introduction of IXON Pilot Corner (IPC)

IXON Pilot Corner (IPC)

This IXON dealership expresses the concept and world view of the IXON brand.
It handles the entire lineup of IXON brand products sold in Japan and is an important source of world views, products and information for IXON fans.

Ricoland CuBe Sapporo Shiroishi StoreI
Ricoland MoriokaI
Ricoland Mito StoreI
Ricoland TOKYO BAY Shinonome StoreI
Ricoland Fuji StoreI
Ricoland Komaki Interchange StoreI
Ricoland KyotoI
・Ricoland Kumamoto Inter Store website is being prepared.

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