SHOEI’s lightweight and compact premium model Z-8 is here! To the model with further improved comfort


The Z series based on the concept of lightweight and compact evolved into the Z-8.
The characteristic cut line on the shell side is inherited from the previous generation Z-7, but everything is new and high performance.

SHOEI popular series is long-awaited Z-8 from March!

The mouth is tighter than the Z-7, which is a little disconcerting at first, but after you put it on, you'll feel that the lower part of your face is also held in place, and the overall fit of the head is extremely good.
With the included chin curtain, there is no sensation of wind penetration from the bottom, and it is quiet when running.

Newly designed shield center lock mechanism is easy to understand operation because of lock button type, and it is smooth to open and close a shield by holding a center part to apply force equally to both sides.
As before, it comes with the Pinlock EVO lens, which is an anti-fog sheet, but this area has been increased by about 10% compared to the Z-7, and it covers almost the entire field of view, which is also attractive!

[Vision & Ventilation

We compacted shield base to save space and designed rearward pin position to hold PINLOCK of anti-fogging seat.
This greatly enhances the side visibility.
Shield lock is newly placed in the center to reduce deflection when opening and closing the shield and to improve adhesion with window rubber.

[Cap top right holder and others]

Pursuit of compactness while using a special cap in S, M, L and XL.
Shield fine-adjustment mechanism, which is followed from Z-7, is changed to a lever type for easier operation.
Shield adhesion can be fine-tuned by 1mm for both left and right side.

[Graphic models are also on standby!

The first graphic model, named "Prologue", which will be available in six colors, is scheduled to ship nationwide on April 20.
The pop "Mural" will go on sale in May and will be made to order until the end of August.

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