ZETA Released a Clutch Perch that Makes Lever Operation Lighter


ZETA released the Ultra Light Clutch Perch, which features a function that adjusts the clutch operation to suit the application.

Ultra light clutch perch for a wide range of applications, from street to racer, with a comprehensive range of +α features. Mirror hole type is also available for general public road vehicles. This is a general-purpose type that can be installed on any type of vehicle.

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Clutch Perch

The lightness and sharpness of the clutch can be adjusted to your liking in four steps. The lever pivot, which is prone to breakage in the event of a fall, has been strengthened, and a plastic sleeve has been incorporated into the ramp to help absorb impact.

Clutch operation is important for off-road driving. Why don't you find a setting that suits you such as the position of the lever, lightness, and sharpness?

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Ultralight Clutch Perch Product Page

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