Endurance Launches “hi-POWER Megaphone Exhaust System” for Rebel 250 2020 Onwards Models


Endurance has launched the hi-POWER Megaphone exhaust system, a new megaphone style slip-on silencer for the mighty 250cc Rebel 250.

The silencer is 120mm in diameter and has a matte black paint finish to match the image of the Rebel. The silencer is not too loud and has a pleasant sound quality while exceeding the OEM exhaust system output in the low and mid-range of normal use. In order to make the black image stand out, the Endurance emblem is placed inside the exhaust system. It is a simple yet custom look.

hi-POWER Megaphone Exhaust System for Rebel 250 2020 and later models

[Material] Stainless steel

Acceleration: 92db
Proximity: 81db

[Weight (approx.)] 2.8kg

Oil Changeable
Element Replaceable

Public road driving allowed: JMCA approved exhaust system
JMCA certification number: JMCA1121043082
Installation time: 0.1h
Manufacturer's Warranty Period: 2 years (or up to 20,000km of driving distance after installation)

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