It’s your commuter car and it’s sparkling clean! Showroom shine without water! [MOTO HACK]

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Webic CommunityMOTO HACK! "Car Wash HACK".We've got some great car wash tips and tricks to share with you!

This time, I'll be riding the CBR600RR.74SHOJIROHere's how he washes his car and his car wash products!

Vehicles and self introduction

[Brief self-introduction]
I'm of the crunchy machine generation.

[Vehicle introduction]
I use it for commuting (50km on the way) & circuit.

Car wash commitment

Showroom Brilliance.

[The point where I want to clean up here]
The key is to keep the wheels clean.
We don't use water to wash our bikes.


Item Name.Super Exclusive Formula

I'm a believer in Shurastar.
The cowl is handled by WAX.
Nothing beats Carvana Row!

Item Name.FW1 Fast Wax F.W.1 Fast Wax

The wheels, under section, frame and swing arm are FW1.

3.J-TRIP:J Trip
Item Name.Short Roller Rear Stand (V Receptacle Set)

Even when washing the car, I use the racing stand.
If it is a side stand, it is difficult to clean because it is tilted.
Also, it makes me feel better!

Car wash goods you are aiming for in the future

Item finish

As a Shurluster devotee, I'm curious about the Zero Finish.
Once you've used up the FW1, buy the Zero Finish next.

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74SHOJIROThank you for participating in the "Car Wash HACK"!
I'm giving away 500 points that can be used at Webic to 74SHOJIRO, who I introduced this time!

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