NEXCO East Japan and NTT DOCOMO Commence Verification Experiments for the Enhancement of Expressway Business Using 5G 

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On Monday, February 8, NEXCO East Japan and NTT DOCOMO launched an initiative at the Watsu PA on the Hokkaido Expressway to upgrade expressway operations using 5G (5th generation mobile communications system).

In the demonstration experiment, the parking lot of the Watsu PA will be converted into a 5G area, and the basic verification of technology will lead to the advancement, efficiency, and labor-saving of expressway business utilizing the features of 5G will be conducted. In the future, the company will extract and solve problems based on the basic verification and aim to put the technology to practical use in fiscal 2021 or later.

From the following press release

5G-based remote control technology for snow removal vehicles (Watsu PA off-ramp)

By utilizing 5G's high-speed, large-capacity, low-latency communications, we will verify that the remote control technology for heavy construction equipment, which has been used mainly at construction sites with no obstacles in the vicinity and for disaster recovery, can be used for snow removal operations that require more precise control operations under conditions such as snowfall.

Specifically, high-definition cameras (Full HD 1920×1080) and other equipment will be installed at locations where the safety of the snowplow vehicle and the surrounding area can be confirmed, and multiple high-definition image data can be transmitted with very little delay using 5G. Therefore, we will verify whether the vehicle can be operated safely and accurately even if there are people or objects in the vicinity.

Real-time understanding technology of vehicles using the parking lot using 5G and AI technology (Watsu PA upstream)

The entire parking lot area is photographed by four high-definition cameras (Full HD), and the images are transmitted to the image processing server simultaneously by using 5G high-speed and large-capacity communication and integrated as high-definition images equivalent to 4K quality. By using AI technology to analyze the actual status of parking lot usage, such as the trajectory of vehicles using the system and the number of vehicles parked, we will verify that we can grasp the status of parking lot usage in almost real time, and also verify technology that can grasp the trajectory of vehicles using the system through further analysis.

In the future, we also plan to study the possibility of using 5G technology in the expressway business, such as the sophistication of remote monitoring operations using multiple camera images at smart ICs and the efficiency of remote work instructions during facility inspections using smart glasses.

The two companies will continue to promote the further use of communication technology and proactive efforts to develop the latest technology, and will further cooperate in the advancement of the expressway business.

Outline of the demonstration experiment

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