A New Mount Adapter from the Compact Smartphone Mount Series [CLIQR] is Now Available!


OXFORD released 7 types of optional mounts and adapters from the handlebar mounting system "CLIQR".

Newly added to the lineup are the Headstock Mount, Ball Mount, Mirror Mount, Vehicle Air Conditioning Vent Mount, Mount for Flat Surface, Large Mounting Adapter, and Adapter for Action Camera.

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CLIQR Mount Adapter Product Page

Headstock Mount

It is designed for use on motorcycles with clip-on bars. Comes with 5 different rubber adapters to fit any headstock. This mount is the smartest way to place your phone around the crowded steering wheel. This product is for motorcycles only.

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CLIQR Headstock Mount Product Page

Ball mount

Allows other mounts to be adapted to the clicker system and rotated 360 degrees. Replace the current header and make the handle area compact.

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CLIQR Ball Mount Product Page

Mirror Mount

With a 360° rotating head and four different rubber adapters, it fits 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm mirror stems and can be adjusted to any angle. This smartphone mounting system is ideal for motorcycles with a full handlebar area. It is recommended to place it below the mirror to reduce the effect of vibration.

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CLIQR Mirror Mount Product Page

Vehicle air conditioning vent mount

Insert and install the device in the air conditioning vent area of the vehicle. Installation on the air conditioner can be done in an either a horizontal or vertical orientation. The phone itself can of course be installed in either orientation.

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CLIQR Vehicle Air Conditioning Vent Mount Product Page

Flat Surface Mount

Attach to any flat surface, such as a dashboard, using strong 3M tape. This is a highly versatile mount that is used by many users in their home kitchens.

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CLIQR Flat Surface Mount Product Page

Large Mounting Adaptor

This large adapter allows for stronger mounting when using large cell phones and tablets. The wide installation surface allows for installation with increased stability.

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CLIQR Large Mounting Adaptor Product Page

Adapters for Action Cameras

The action camera mount screw can be attached to the action camera and mounted on the clicker system. Ideal for motorcycles, bicycles, and other leisure activities.

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CLIQR Adapter for Action Camera Product Page

CLIQR Introduction Video

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