RS TAICHI “e-HEAT” Series with Enhanced Battery Capacity to Ensure 1.7 Times Longer Connection Time!



RS TAICHI's "e-HEAT" has a 10-year history as an electric heating item for motorcycles. During that time, the product has been tested and perfected, and for the 20th model, the company succeeded in enhancing the capacity of the dedicated mobile battery. The new model has 1.7 times longer connection time than the previous model.

You can use it without recharging on the go within 3.5 hours round trip.


The e-HEAT can be set to three levels of heat generation: High Power, Normal, and Economy. The newly-developed mobile battery can be used for about 7 hours for jackets (using two jackets) and about 3 hours and 30 minutes for gloves at the "high power" level. The "Normal" setting is for about 9 hours with two jackets and about 4 hours and 30 minutes with gloves. In the Economy mode, the connection time is about 14 hours with two jackets and about 7 hours with gloves, further enhancing convenience.


Price including tax: 19,800 yen
Color: Black and Red, Black
9 sizes for men, 2 sizes for women

The outer fabric, which is both windproof and stretchy, is lined with hair-long fleece for a good fit and increased warmth. It can be powered from two types of batteries: a dedicated mobile battery and an in-vehicle battery.

Heater panels are located on both shoulders and back. This is a point that easily touches the ground when the rider is in a riding position, making it even easier to get the heat-generating effect. The 3-step switch emits red, yellow, and green light according to the mode. The dedicated mobile battery is stored in a pocket.


Color: Black, Black and Red, Black and White
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Price including tax: 20,900 yen

Carbon knuckle and palm protector with waterproof-breathable "Dry Master" insert. A long cuff all-weather glove with high protection and warmth. It also supports smartphone operation with the glove on.

It can be stored in a zippered pocket inside the wrist. You will need two in total, one for each hand. The size of the battery is 78mm (width) by 60mm (length) by 25mm (depth). When worn, it does not compromise operability.

RSP057 e-HEAT 7.2V Charger & Battery Set

Contents of the set: 2 e-HEAT exclusive mobile batteries, dedicated battery charger
Price including tax: 14,080 yen

The battery can be purchased separately.
RSP058 e-HEAT 7.2V dedicated battery
Price including tax: 5610 yen

Two exclusive e-HEAT mobile batteries and a dedicated charger can be purchased as one set. The mobile battery for the '20 model, which has about 1.7 times longer connection time, can also be purchased separately. This mobile battery can also be used with e-HEAT gloves/inner jackets from 2004 onwards.

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