Bridgestone BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S22, All-purpose Sports Tire for Any Driving Situation

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What tires do you recommend these days? When I talk to my friends and acquaintances who like motorcycles, I often encounter this question. And looking back over the past year or two, I'm pretty sure I've answered "S22". Of course, if there is a specific request such as track-oriented or life-oriented, I will introduce other products, but when I talk with the questioner, the final conclusion is often the S22.

The benchmark for Bridgestone radials

Basically, the S22 is suited to riders who want to enjoy sport riding on mountain roads. With these tires, you'll feel the full force of the braking power when you enter a corner, the flutter of the motorcycle when you turn, and the rich traction when you exit the corner. The S22, on the other hand, has less anxiety in the cold, can ride in the wet without fear, and is still fun to drive on the track. This is the reason why I recommend the S22.

In recent years, Bridgestone's on-road radials have consisted of the RS, which incorporates racing technology, the S, which is hyper sports, and the T, which is ideal for touring. The S was originally designed to have qualities in-between the RS and T. But the S22 is more than an in-between, it's a deep reach into the realm of the RS and T.

The latest RS11 was surprisingly friendly, and the T31 could handle the sporty driving style. This makes the S22 the king of the road by today's standards.

The feel at a full bank is comparable to slicks!

Although the S22 has more grooves on the shoulders for better-wet performance and nimble handling, the edges are almost always slick, so you can get a great grip during full banking. The center of the S22 is less grooved for better traction and stability on the corner entry and exit.

Patterns and compounds for a variety of applications

The three key elements of the S22 are (1) the specially designed pattern, (2) the traction rubber introduced in the center of the front and rear shoulders, and (3) the fine-grained silica used in the center of the rear. The compound is F: 3 sections, R: 5 sections.

When the S22 made its debut on February 19, it was only available in the ZR range, mainly for the middle class and above, but in 2008, three sizes of the H range were added to fit the 250/400cc class. The S22 surpasses its predecessor, the S21, in all aspects, but its life seems to be almost the same as that of the S21.

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