With a few ideas and some motivation, you can personalize your bike so far! The allure of stock diversions and what to watch out for! [MOTO HACK]

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アイデアとやる気次第でバイクはここまで自分仕様にできる!純正流用の魅力と注意すべきポイント!【MOTO HACK】Honda X4 Genuine HACK

Webike CommunityMOTO HACKFrom the "X4" campaign, the X4-ridingZack.Here's a passionate narrative from "Mr."!
I'm the owner, so I know how to divert the stock X4!

A brief self-introduction

It's the Honda X4 that I loved to the hilt for almost 20 years until the end of last year.
No matter how deep your love is, there will be a day when you say goodbye.
Is this the diary of that love...?

Introduction of my car

1999 Honda X4 (SC38)
It was the biggest selling large motorcycle in Japan when it was first released. It was immediately replaced by the CB1300SF in the following year.
Low seat height that is friendly to short legs. Semi-up handles that are gentle on the forty shoulders. Back pain friendly seat cushion seat.
Along with the subdued livery, it was a bike for adults, definitely targeted at middle-aged and older people.

A brief description of this HACK

HACK 1: Half cowl for GPz400F

Half cowl for Kawasaki GPz400F.
I made the cowl frame mounting brackets by drawing them myself.
The hardest part was reversing the direction of the wire pull-out because the key switch would interfere with it and break the wire.
And I did some work around the lights to make the headlights for ninjas.

HACK 2: 17-inch front and rear wheels for CB1300SF (SC40)

Adopts 17-inch front and rear wheels for CB1300SF (SC40).
The rear is pimped out. The front needs a collar, but there are ways to make one for a few thousand dollars. (Miss X and so on.)

HACK #3: Using the CB1300SF (SC54) Exhaust

An exhaust pipe for CB1300SF (SC54).
I was able to get it on the cheap. Pontooned.

HACK #4: Using the CB1300SF (SC54) swingarm

A friend of mine gave me a swing arm for CB1300SF (SC54) to make it short wheelbase.
Almost pompous.
All you need is a tool to remove the swing arm and man or crane.
To install the brakes, you can either weld the bosses of the torque rods as shown in the photo, or you can transplant the entire brake area.

HACK #5: Using the Dio (AF27) tail light unit

Built in tail lamp unit for Dio (AF27).
If you have the motivation, patience and determination, you can do it...maybe.

HACK #6: Using the CB1300SF (SC40) Steering Wheel Post and Handle

Handle post and handle for CB1300SF (SC40).
In the overall balance, I dared to set it low.

HACK #7: Using the igniter for CB1000SF (SC30)

Using the igniter for CB1000SF(SC30).
Early models are pontooned.
The engine revs smoothly and is easy to ride.
The rev limit also spins up to the top of the normal range, so it's fun to blow up.
100km on low./h out. There's no need to force it out, though.

HACK #8: CB750 (later model) front brake disc

A CB750 (later model) front brake disc is used for the rear brake.
Of course, I put a wave disc for the CB750 on the rear instead of the stock brake disc.
By the way, the front for GB500 is the same.

Parts, tools and things needed for this HACK

Inspiration, motivation and information.
The rest.Do you get it? No, "Put it on! The intention to say.
Even if you can't pontificate, you should enjoy a little bit of processing.
Take a measuring tape and calipers with you when you go to the bike shop!

I've changed other suspensions, put in subframes, painted, and put in backsteps, but a lot of it was given to me by friends.
Interaction and companionship, pretty important!
Because.The above customization costs, a little over $100,000 in total!

How to do the HACK, instructions, work instructions, etc.

I think what's important in diversion is "customization that passes inspection".
This X4 was inspected OK with no modification applications.
Also, in any task.Do not get hurt.
And that custom results do not lead to injuries or accidents.
Except for the exterior, strength fit is important in all areas.
Strength calculations are difficult to make, so in principle, strength calculations should be taken from equivalent vehicle ratings.

Summary of HACK

The advantage is that it is inexpensive and allows for originality.
As long as you don't deviate from common sense and the laws and regulations, the vehicle inspection will usually pass.
The downside is that the bike shop or shop will not like it.
Because the service manual doesn't work.
The skills to perform rudimentary plus maintenance are necessary.
I mean, maybe you have to be that skilled to do a diversionary custom?

Thank you, Zack, for posting that valuable stock diversion HACK!

Webike is looking for your behind-the-scenes tips to enrich your bike life!

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