Webike staff have used and felt it, and I would recommend it! Three mesh gloves I thought!


Webikeスタッフが使って感じた、「これはオススメしたい!」と思ったメッシュグローブ3選!It's a nasty time of year when the rain continues to jizz, but it's almost there: ......
After the rainy season, it's the height of summer coming!
I was steadily getting ready for that kind of summer, and then I got a new bike and my wallet was empty again.Webike staff miyaIt is.

In the last article I mentioned.Pick up three recommendations.I've done it before, but this time I'm going to show you a mesh glove for summer!
(Of course, our staff member miya bought and used it with her own money this time, too.
I'm going to share with you three products I've bought that I'm particularly fond of!


The main scene in which these gloves are used is off-road.
It is designed for various off-road situations with its fine throttle control, great fit, and easy grip, but it can also be used on public roads with no problem!
If I were to raise a disadvantage, it would be the lack of protection, which makes it lacking in some areas of defense.
But even with its shortcomings, this design, fit and breathability is unstoppable once you use it.
The "FIVE" logo on the back of the hand is finished in 3D to make the design stand out even more.

The palm is made of Nano-Front, which provides a non-slip, excellent grip.
Shock-reducing gel pad protection is used in the thumb and pinky ball area to reduce the vibration of the steering wheel while driving.

How did you like using it from a staff member's perspective?

When I first bought it, I was only thinking of using it off-road, but when I tried it out on public roads, I found .......

Excellent fit!
Nearly full mesh front for comfort.
No signs of slippage when you grip it!
The design is cool!

The lack of protection means that it's thinly finished, so it doesn't look too bulky when tucked away in your pocket.
Of course, off-road use was no problem at all, and I was able to get a good grip on it, even when it was wet.

For those who want defense but don't like hot and humid weather, FIVE 5: STUNT EVO AIRFLOW GLOVE

I'm a little nervous about gloves without protection: ....... This glove is recommended for those who also want protection.
This glove is not an off-road glove, but rather a mesh glove that is primarily designed for everyday use.

The knuckle protector and palm slider are standard, and the palm is made of goat leather for a great fit.
The mesh fabric takes up the majority of the instep side, which makes it extremely breathable and will be a great addition to your mid-summer ride!

How did you like using it from a staff member's perspective?

This is the first FIVE glove I ever bought myself.
The moment I put them on, I was amazed at the difference in fit between them and the gloves I had been using.
The protector is solid and secure, and the full mesh instep makes it cooler the faster you run.
This glove is the perfect summer glove that has the best of two worlds: goat leather for a snug fit and mesh fabric for breathability.

Good costumer, good quality! DAYTONA DAYTONA: HBG-053 Sports Mesh Glove

Do you have any more cost effective gloves? If you're a fan of this, here's a good place to start.
Like the FIVE, it comes standard with a protector and palm slider, and the palm is made of goat leather!
It's almost as structured as FIVE.
The back of the hand is made of mesh and this one is about half leather, but even half is more than enough ventilation.

How did you like using it from a staff member's perspective?

The leather part is soft and very easy to use from the start.
It can be a little stiff in some areas, but it doesn't matter as you start using it.
The bunching leather also let in a good amount of driving wind, so I didn't have to worry about my hands getting steamy.

If you want to ride comfortably in the summer, FIVE and Daytona are the way to go!

Two brands of summer gloves that are very cosmetically and very well designed and very perfect.
Did you guys have any gloves that you're interested in?

For me personally, I really recommend the FIVE gloves.
I haven't put it on yet! If you're not sure if you're a good fit, give it a try.
You'll see how great the specialty glove brands are.

Let's all go out there and use our new guns and tell our fellow riders how good they are!

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