The grip doesn’t get any thicker! If you’re looking for a grip heater of the same thickness as the stock one, I recommend Honda Genuine Parts [MOTO HACK].

How to

グリップが太くならない!ノーマルと同じ太さのグリップヒーターを探しているならホンダ純正パーツがおすすめ【MOTO HACK】Yamaha FZ1 Feather HACK

Webike CommunityMOTO HACKFrom the campaign, the "FZ1 FeatherFAZER BlackHere's a passionate narrative from "Mr."!
I'm the owner, so I know how to divert the stock FZ1 Feathers!

A brief self-introduction

2017.Buy FZ1 FAZER on 8.
I'm getting to know a lot of the strengths and weaknesses (I think).
If I could ride all year round, I'd go out on my bike!
I'd love to ride my bike in the winter, but it's "cold", so cold that my hands get too dry to move! Fitting thicker gloves makes it harder to operate.

After all, if you're looking for comfort, a "grip heater" is a must!
Touring and the track!

A brief description of this HACK

Here's how to divert the genuine Honda Sport Grip heater to make cold winter driving more comfortable.

Parts, tools and things needed for this HACK

Sports Grip Heater
Part number: 08T50-MGE-000

Sport Grip Heater Attachment
Part number: 08T70-K04-930

It is not a special product, but it is a wiring harness that can be used.

Radio pliers, nippers, binding bands, insulation tape, parts cleaner, glue, rags, and vehicle service manual.


How to do the HACK, instructions, work instructions, etc.

  1. Remove the grip that is attached.
  2. On the accelerator side, you need to remove the accelerator wire, so when you remove the box, you remove the accelerator tycoon.
  3. The clutch side is bonded together, so insert a thin tip into the edge of the grip, apply parts cleaner, and remove the grip by peeling off a little bit of glue.
  4. For wiring, check the wiring in the service manual for the wires that will be energized when the power is on, and branch out from there.
  5. Fit the tycoon on the grip heater axel and attach it to the handle.
  6. Apply glue to the other grip and attach it to the handle while checking the switch position.
  7. Connect each wire to the heater harness.
  8. Switch on and check the operation.


Summary of HACK

The thickness of the grip is close to the same diameter as the normal grip, allowing for a comfortable grip.
When the heater switch is pressed and held down, the heater switch lamp blinks three times (high) and turns off and on repeatedly. To adjust the temperature, press and hold the lamp switch, which is already lit, to make the lamp blink twice (middle) and then turn off and on repeatedly. When the lamp switch is pressed, the lamp blinks once (weak) and turns off repeatedly.

By repeating this operation, you can switch between high, medium and low according to the number of times the lamp switch blinks.
The battery voltage monitoring system automatically stops the power supply to the grip heater when the battery voltage is low, thereby preventing the battery from dying.

The point that I don't remember the last temperature control.
In fact, I like the natural thickness of the grip when I put it on and it's just as good as the normal grip. The design is GOOD!
The control switch is integrated with the grip, so it's simple and easy to operate.
Start the engine and turn on the grip heater while it's warming up. When it's warmed up to a certain extent, you can turn the temperature control to medium (flashing the light twice), which is convenient for the situation.
Once you use it, you can't let it go.

FAZER Kuro, thank you for posting the valuable stock diversion HACK!

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