Mirror shields with good visibility! EXTRA SHIELD, a lineup of both Alai and Shoei


視界良好なミラーシールド!アライもショウエイもラインナップする「EXTRA SHIELD」
If you put on a mirror shield, you tend to look weird at the traffic lights.
I'm nao, a Webike Magazine writer.
Many of you may have gotten a new helmet for the touring season.

That said, the summer sun is intense! Many riders wear mirror shields to prevent glare.
There are a wide range of mirror shields from the factory to external products at various prices, so it's hard to decide which one to choose.

So, this time around, Webike buyers are going to give it a push.EXTRA SHIELD.We're going to find out what makes the

What is the appeal of EXTRA SHIELD?

KAZU is a Webike buyer who also competes in All Japan Super Moto.
I'm a connoisseur when it comes to motorcycle equipment and parts.
KAZU recommends EXTRA SHIELD for the following three reasons.
I will explain each of these.

  1. Thorough commitment to clear vision
  2. Processing of genuine shields by skilled craftsmen in Japan
  3. Wide range of helmets for Arai and SHOEI

Thorough commitment to clear vision

What makes the Extra Shield different from other shields is that
A mirror shield with a clear viewThat's the point.

Mirror shields reduce the glare of the sun, but on the other hand, they also have the disadvantage of distorting your vision.
theThe base coat on the shield is the source of the distortion.It is.

The extra shield isA special mirror coating that does not require a primer coating provides a clear view.
The synergistic effect with UV blocking reduces eyestrain.

It also has a water-repellent coating that repels raindrops.

Processing of genuine shields by skilled craftsmen in Japan

EXTRA SHIELD's mirror coating is a reliable technology developed through the production and development of eyewear. The shield with its special mirror coating isThe products are produced by skilled Japanese craftsmen. Also, it's not worth it if the shield that serves as the base for the mirroring process is an inferior product.I use the original shield from the helmet manufacturer.


Difference in the effect and appearance of the mirror shield depending on the color

EXTRA SHIELD's mirror shield achieves a natural field of vision by slowing down the color gradation and changing colors out of the field of view. The color gradation is vivid and has a calm texture. Each color of the mirror also has its own characteristics.

Silver Silver

Because it suppresses the light evenly, the natural color tone is still visible. The anti-glare effect is relatively high, and they do not get tired easily even after long periods of use.

Red Red

The orange light is suppressed so that the vision has a bluish tint. It has a high anti-glare effect and is suitable for sunny weather and also has a high anti-glare effect on headlights. The bluish tinted vision is also expected to have a calming effect.

Blue Blue

It produces a reddish lightness of vision and is especially useful on cloudy days. Blue light, which is the cause of blurring, is cut out, so the contrast is increased and the sense of perspective is emphasized for a clearer view. They are also suitable for sports driving as they make it easier to see objects in motion.

Gold Gold

It is a natural color between red and silver, with a slight blue tinge to it. Its relatively high reflectivity makes it particularly suitable for riding in clear weather.

Wide range of helmets for Arai and SHOEI

We have a wide range of products for ARAI and SHOEI helmets.
In addition to the base color of the shield, there are four different types of mirror colors to choose from.

Arai Helmet Compatibility List (*Click on the shield name to go to the Webike product page)
VAS-V ShieldRX-7X
Super Adsys I ShieldRX-7 RR5
Super Adsys L ShieldPROFILE
Super Adsys ZR ShieldSZ-RAM3
TX Pin Lock Blow ShieldTOUR CROSS3
SHOEI Helmet Compatibility List(Click on the shield name to go to Webike product page)
CWR-1 Pin Lock ShieldX-Fourteen
CW-1 Pin Lock ShieldX-TWELVE
CJ-2 ShieldJ-FORCE4
CNS-1 ShieldGT-AIR

The best way to care for the mirror shield is just to be gentle.

Above is the Webike staff's personal mirror shield, but it's peeling off without a trace to look at: .......
To prevent this from happening, here are some tips on how to properly care for your mirror shield.

×x Don't do it.

× x Use chemicals such as cleaners
× Rubbing hard
× Wipe hard when it is wet
× Use in the rain

The above is not a good idea as it will cause the coating to peel off. Shield maintenance chemicals are also not recommended for mirror shields. Also, mirror coatings areIt peels off especially easily when it gets wet.Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from using it in rainy weather as much as possible.

How to take care of it properly

If it gets dirty.Dilute some neutral detergent and gently wipe it off with a soft, slightly wet cloth. After wiping, be careful not to leave any water on the mirror surface and dry it without touching it too much.

Repel the midsummer sun with a mirror shield!

Not only does this mirror shield reduce glare, but it's also lacy and cool.
If the quality is poor, it will affect your visibility, so you want to choose one that is reliable.

The EXTRA SHIELD introduced here is made in Japan for your peace of mind.
If you're considering the Mirror Shield, check it out!


Ha (smile)


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