Increase the power of your car by casually using the genuine parts! Using the Inazuma blinker on the Katana 250 [MOTO HACK].

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さりげない純正流用で愛車の迫力アップ!カタナ250にイナズマウィンカー流用【MOTO HACK】Suzuki GSX250S Katana HACK

Webike CommunityMOTO HACKFrom the GSX250S Katana campaign, the GSX250S Katana with theSCC*GSX250S swordHere's a passionate narrative from "Mr."!
I'm the owner, so I know how to divert the stock GSX250S Katana!

A brief self-introduction

Introduction of my car

My current car: GSX250S Katana
This is my second Katana 250. In between, I rode an Eliminator 250SE and a Hornet 250, but after 10+ years, the bell germ returned. It has made a nice comeback. I can't help but love my car, lol.

How to enjoy your everyday bike

It's not easy to ride, but the side stand is lax and I tip it over, or I damage it with a tool during maintenance, or the engine fires three times after a long time, or the paint peels off around the fueling port because I put too much gasoline in it... It's almost always my own fault, but it's the life of the bike that I have to deal with the problems. I'm sure that's what makes it fun.

A brief description of this HACK

The stock blinkers on the Katana 250 and 400 are smoked.
The Katana 1100 and 750 have bright orange turn signals, commonly known as "deca indicators," and many mid-sized riders admire their style and replace them with new ones.

This time, we were able to completely change the impression of the Katana 250 by using the factory turn signals for the Impulse and Inazuma, after breaking the turn signals in a fall.

Parts, tools and things needed for this HACK

Product Name : Lamp Assy Front Turn Signals
Part number: 35601-29E30
Model : Lamp Assy Rear Turn Signal
Part number: 35603-29E90
Required number: 2 each for rear and front

Tools required: 10mm and 14mm wrenches, 8 male connectors, electric pliers

Both blinkers are exactly the same size and shape. (Top: for Katana, Bottom: for Impulse)

The difference is that the Impulse version has a coupler connection and the power cord is short at the front and long at the rear, whereas the Katana has a Gibbosh connection and all cords are the same length (longer).

How to do the HACK, instructions, work instructions, etc.

Split the impulse indicator coupler with a nipper, etc. and pull out the wire.
Crimp a male wire crimp on each of the two drawn wires.

Just graft the stays from the stock turn signals to the cowl brace and you're done.

Note: As you can see in the photo, the Impulse front indicator has a fairly short power cord and cannot be attached to the rear of the Katana. Be careful when getting them.
(The rear turn signals have a long cord, so the cord is too long, but it can be used as a front indicator for the Katana.

Summary of HACK

The impression is brighter and the car looks bigger and more impressive. (Photo right)
Also, the long power cords for the front turn signals required some effort to handle, but they have been shortened and made easier.


I don't have any at the moment, nor do I have any plans for the future. (Laughs)


I'm more interested in "why did they make the stock Katana blinkers smoked in the first place?".

This time, the trigger was to replace the blinkers that were damaged in the fall, especially the "Let's make it look like a big katana! It wasn't my intention to do so, but I think I got a little closer to the impression.
It was an injury, but I'm very happy with it!

SCC*GSX250S sword, thank you for posting that valuable stock diversion HACK!

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