If you don’t have a helmet holder, why don’t you just use it! Transplanting a helmet holder for the Goose 350 to the Katana 250 [MOTO HACK].

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Suzuki GSX250S Katana Genuine HACK

Webike CommunityMOTO HACKFrom the GSX250S Katana campaign, the GSX250S Katana with theSCC*GSX250S swordHere's a passionate narrative from "Mr."!
I'm the owner, so I know how to divert the stock GSX250S Katana!

A brief self-introduction

Our Beloved Car : GSX250S Katana

We have focused on customizing the katana to enhance the power performance (muffler, plugs, igniter, etc.) while preserving the excellent design of the katana as much as possible.
I also enjoy making original parts. But I can't go for a run, so I'm 90% of the time appreciating it. (laughs)

How to enjoy your everyday bike

I'm more of a tinkerer (also known as a maintainer) than a runner. It's an old car, so it will have some kind of problem, but I think it's the mindset of an old car rider to enjoy it as well.
And it feels so good to be running hand-to-hand!
It's a shame that I ride more for work than for fun at the moment, I'd like to go touring more.

A brief description of this HACK

The Katana 250 does not have a helmet holder.
...Technically, the hooks are attached to the frame underneath with the seat removed.
is extremely difficult to use.

So I'm going to transplant parts from the same Suzuki Goose 350 helmet holder to the Katana's seat lock.

Parts, tools and things needed for this HACK

Item name: lock set seat/helmet
Part number: 95700-10833
Necessary tools: Torx wrench (T30)/(M6), Phillips screwdriver

The picture on the left is for the Goose 350 and turning the key to the left opens the helmet holder and turning it to the right unlocks the seat.

For the right katana, just turn it to the right and the seat unlocks.

How to do the HACK, instructions, work instructions, etc.

Turn each lock to the other side and remove the two small Phillips screws.

Pulley (?) pulling the cover and wires The helmet hook (circled in red) will come off when you flip the

There are other items that are only included for the Goose 350, such as springs, but this is the minimum amount of porting required.

Put it back in the opposite way and fasten the two screws and you're done.

Now I can open and close the hooks on my helmet using my katana key.

All that's left is to put it back in the body.

Summary of HACK

Benefit: You can now hang your helmet without having to remove the seat, which is very convenient.

Disadvantage: None! I thought. ...But the other day, I knocked over my katana in the parking lot at work and my helmet, which was hanging on the holder along with the left blinker and clutch lever, landed on my brain. (Tears.)
Well, thanks to that, my tank, cowl and engine were intact...but I had just bought a helmet....

Impressions: I'm glad it worked out and I'm very happy with the stock HACK.!It was.
But I'm wondering why the equipment (helmet holder) that was on the Goose, which was released at about the same time, wasn't on the Katana.

It's easy, so give it a try!

SCC*GSX250S sword, thank you for posting that valuable stock diversion HACK!

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