The All-New CBR600RR Finally Made Its Debut, a 100% Pure Supersport!

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The new CBR600RR has finally made its debut packed with electronic control and aerodynamic from HONDA pre-release. It was officially unveiled on Friday, August 21. Let's try to find out the actual image from some of the information and promotional video released last month.

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HONDA Pre-releases New "CBR600RR" on their Homepage (Japanese)

Updated with the latest electronically controlled and aerodynamic performance

According to HONDA's pre-release, the new CBR600RR is powered by a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, in-line 4-cylinder, 599cc engine with the latest electronic control and aerodynamic performance to improve total performance. The CBR600RR has been developed as a just-sized super sports model in order to enjoy the high potential as a production racing base model that can be competed on the basis of commercially available vehicles in everyday life.

The high output and easy handling characteristics and agility inherited from the previous model have been further refined to achieve both excellent performances on the track and ease of handling on winding roads. It is a well-done model that further pursuit the pleasure of maneuvering. Information is limited, but this front end alone is enough to raise great expectations.

An exciting ride that could make someone hair stand on end

Only the promotional video of the new CBR600RR has been uploaded on the pre-release homepage, but the appearance of pure sports full of racing spirit emerges from its riding scene.

The video may have been inspired by a test ride from a development rider. The camera follows the mechanics as they work on the new bike in the pits, and then moves closer to the rider at the start line. With a heart-throbbing, the accelerator is fully open on the signal. The new CBR600RR dashing along with a striking depiction of sparks and electricity running through synapses and every hair on your body standing on end. It is an image of a jet plane rising once more over like penetrating ultra-high revving inline-4 sound. The blood boils on the machine as it accelerates further.

Looking closer at the TFT display, which reaches 230 km/h in an instant on the street, it shows electronic control modes such as Mode 1 ("P", "T", "W", "EB"). The end of the video credits for AWAKEN THE RACE. It's an exciting video that truly evokes the racing spirit.

Winglet equipment for traditional center-up exhaust system

Well, as you can see from the video, the red zone is a super high-revving model that starts at 15,000rpm. The electric control is new and based on the meter display, we can expect it to be equipped with power modes, traction control, wheelie control, engine brake control, and more. On the other hand, the chassis and suspension appear to be essentially the same as the previous model.

The major change is the exterior design, which features a CBR1000RR-R inspired cowl and trendy winglets. The front mask features a center ram air duct and 4 LED lights on both sides, and the low, slanted nose is similar to that of its big brother, while the CB600RR's center-up exhaust system is a nice touch.

Is the maximum output over 120ps!?

As of August 13, maximum output and other specs have yet to be announced, but as the video shows, the new model can be considered to have full power. The previous Japanese model (2013) was rated at 78ps at 12,000rpm, while the export model was rated at 120ps at 13,500rpm.

The 600cc category has suffering from a shortage of new models in recent years and it's been a long time since we've seen the return of 100% pure supersport. We hope that the new CBR600RR will be acknowledged in that regard!

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